The Unity Codes

Have you got your personal copy of The Unity Codes yet? How would it be if you could download something instantly, import it into iTunes, either sync it to your phone or just drink a glass of water, add headphones, lie back, close your eyes, breathe deeply and let the frequencies work their wonders!   The [...]

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Cellular Sonics for Bodyworkers

WANT TO UPDATE YOUR HEALTHKIT? I remember when I was growing up, my mother‘s medical kit at home had pills for headaches, chemical creams for wounds, deep heat gel for muscle tension and more. After I left home, I then left a Great Ormond St children’s nursing career, looking for other healthier ways [...]

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International Online Sound Summit 2019

SOUND SUMMIT 19-20 OCTOBER Super excited and honoured to co-host this summit with Thornton Streeter and feature my top picks for expert speakers who are offering really profound sound healing remedies for our changing times! Join us. The theme for the summit is for each speaker to share about the best sound healing frequencies [...]

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Tuning Forks and Spheres

RUBBER SPHERES on TUNING FORKS These are great when your clients are already in a deeply relaxed and blissed out space and you’re then going to use tuning forks onto the energy centres and meridian points on their head as I do in my Earthing Tuning Fork sessions as shown in my online course [...]

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