The Unity Codes

Have you got your personal copy of The Unity Codes yet? How would it be if you could download something instantly, import it into iTunes, either sync it to your phone or just drink a glass of water, add headphones, lie back, close your eyes, breathe deeply and let the frequencies work their wonders!   The [...]

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Tuning Forks and Fibroids

Clearing Congestion with Tuning Forks for a client with Fibroids Had another lovely testimonial from a happy client using tuning.  I love how effective they are at really shifting energy and pain, as I take the view that pain is just energy trying to move, and as long as you co-create with the client [...]

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Why Solfeggio?

There are so many sounds we can give to the body, and the piano was only invented a few hundred years ago, but the Universe has been around for considerably longer!  Prime numbers as shown by Dr Peter Plichta in his book "God's Secret Formula" are the building blocks of the Universe and found [...]

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Sound and the Flower of Life

I've been working with the Solfeggio/Zobet set of sound healing frequencies since 2001 which are based on the codes of creation, the divine design of our bodies, nature and the Universe.  I also combine that sound healing work with the sacred geometry symbol, the Flower of Life.  Why? At the point of cell fertilization [...]

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