The Hopi Prophecy and the Solfeggio

Years ago I was synchronistically guided to an email written by grandfather Martin Gasheseoma who was a Hopi elder.  In Arizona, on Hopi land, there is a carving into the rock which has been known for years as "prophecy rock" signaling the end of times or purification that we are in right now.  Some [...]

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Healing after Surgery

Getting close to completing my next online tuning forks course and sharing in it about how sound can be used post surgery to benefit the body. There are 3 stages of wound healing. The first is the inflammatory phase where it’s vital to increase blood flow, oxygenate the tissues, reduce swelling, increase anti bacterial [...]

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111Hz and pain

So heartening to receive more positive feedback from a customer who purchased a 111Hz fork for her husband. “My husband, (who had a shocking diagnosis of 4th stage metastatic prostatic cancer in the bones on Aug. 2), uses the fork twice daily on hip joints, spine, sacrum, sternum, and other place scans have shown [...]

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