Sonic Smile

Back in 2017, a dentist friend of mine, Paul Pantiru, was visiting Bali and he approached me with an idea to help his fellow colleagues at work deal with the ever increasing issues of dental patients with anxiety before treatment.  He wanted to collaborate, and I was excited to not only create a dental patient anxiety stress relief protocol, but, thinking like any good healing practitioner, to also support the dentist and his team, e.g. receptionist, dental hygienist, and other dentists by giving them a way of dealing with their stress levels at work too, so we set to work!  We aimed to launch in the UK in the Autumn of 2017, but due to my other teaching commitments, we ran out of time to truly give it the launch it deserved, so the whole project got put on hold.

Fast forward to 2020.  Then excitingly at the end of last year, I was approached by GHP Magazine who host the Oral Health & Dentistry Awards every year, and despite us not having launched this exciting new healing protocol, I had kept the Sonic Smile website up, and they amazingly found us online and we received an award for the Best Online Dental Patient Anxiety Relief Service.  Such an honour to receive this!

So I took this as a great nudge from the Universe to make this the next online course that I produce, and I’ve finally had some time and space to bring it to the world and made it even better than it was before!   More than ever, stress levels are at an all time high so having an innovative sonic technology like tuning forks to quickly, safely and effectively treat dental patient or dental team anxiety/stress at a deeper level gives dentists a new string to their bow, by offering a holistic treatment that can make for happier patients and also bring those dentists up to 35% extra income from all those lost patient appointments!

Did you know?

According to research, anywhere between 50 and 80% of adults in the United States have some degree of dental anxiety, ranging from mild to severe. More than 20% of dentally anxious patients do not see a dentist regularly, and anywhere from 9 to 15% of anxious patients avoid care altogether. Research has also shown possible correlations between dental anxiety, missed appointments, avoidance of care, and a greater need for more extensive treatment.

Supporting Dentists relieve their Stress

Did you know?

  • The suicide rate of dentists is more than 2 x the rate of the general population & almost 3 x higher than white collar workers?
  • Dentists suffer psycho-neurotic disorders 2.5 x greater than normal physicians
  • Emotional illness ranks 3rd top health issue for them vs. ranking 10th in the general population
  • 63% of dentists are stressed about the possibility of complaints from patients
  • Recent studies show that dentists suffer from an alarmingly high incidence of cardiovascular disease, ulcers, colitis, hypertension, lower back pain, eye strain, marital disharmony, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental depression and suicide.
  • Coronary disease and high blood pressure are 25% more prevalent than the general population & stress-related cardiovascular disease is the No.1 killer in dentists

Do you know the symptoms of dental patient anxiety?

Symptoms include:-

  • Nervousness and inner restlessness
  • Racing thoughts
  • Constant worry
  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Difficulty sleeping before an appointment
  • Visible distress
  • Sweating
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Heart palpitations
  • Low blood pressure
  • Fainting
  • Withdrawal, not speaking to anyone
  • Crying
  • Panic attacks
  • Anger or aggression

What if you could use sound to treat pretty much EVERY SINGLE dental patient anxiety symptom?

Enter Sonic Smile with sonic instruments tuned to specific scientifically-researched and medically applied frequencies, combined with meridian point therapy and other techniques to quickly, safely and effectively give results with no side effects!

So now I’m excitedly putting the finishing touches to this new, innovative holistic course, filming the slideshow presentations, filming in a local state-of-the-art hi tech dental clinic and then the course will be ready!

There will be two courses offered depending on what benefits dentists want to give to their patients.

Level 1: Treat all dental patient anxiety symptoms, headaches, muscle tension, and all forms of dental stress for dentists and their dental team and also to demo for patients in reception, and for clinic and ‘at home’ personal use.

Level 2: Level 1 Course PLUS additional Level 2 extra 20 page Training Manual and all extra training videos on how to treat fractures/bone repair, contusions/bruises, treating pain: headaches, TMJ/toothpain, acute pain, chronic and degenerative pain, inflammation, concussion, and head trauma, post-surgery and pregnant patients.

The course will include:-

  • All Training Videos in MP4 video format
  • 105 page Level 1 Training Manual or 125 page Level 1 and 2 Training Manual in PDF format
  • Sonic Smile set of 4 Level 1 Introductory forks or Level 1 & 2 Advanced set of 7 forks in blue velvet fork pouches with fork activator
  • Affiliate Program
  • PRACTITIONER FREEBIES – 111Hz Sound Summit MP4 Video (1 hr 27 min) (£20 VALUE), Sonic Sanctum (20 minute space clearing tuning fork sound healing audio (£20 VALUE) and Earthing 20 minute tuning fork sound healing self-care audio (£15 value) (TOTAL VALUE £55 FREE!)
  • Additional support – e.g. full email support as required throughout the course.
  • Certificate of Attendance upon completion

We’ve also got other sonic instrument sets that can treat TMJ issues with either a Basic set of 4 forks to treat the basic set of temporo-mandibular muscles, or the advanced full set of 9 forks that treats all the muscles in the jaw area for best results!  After having jaw surgery at just 19 years old, I found the TMJ forks really useful even many years after having had mandibular re-section surgery!

Will update here when we are launched or simply visit us here!