From Fear to Love

Interview with Sandra Miller of Amplified Health
for the Consciousness Cure Summit

(Includes FREE pineal activation/I love you meditation towards the end!)

How can sound help shift our state from Fear to Love? And during such challenging times of awakening it’s never be so important!

Wow how time flies! I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since we did this interview! I’m so passionate about sharing how we can use sound and our voices to harmonise, energise, ground, centre, activate, & so much more!! Come on a journey with Sandra and I as we talk about how we can use sound frequency to move from the lie of separation and disconnection to reclaim the truth of who we are and the fact that we are connected to LOVE in every single moment!

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Sound is such a profound tool!!!

I so look forward to supporting some of you on part of your journey of awakening if you’re feeling the call!!

Joyful vibrations 2 u all!
Change your Vibe … Change your Life!