BREATHING – The Healing Resonant Breath

Want to get more in tune with your natural breathing rhythm?

Well now you can.  Tune into the gentle guiding voice of Dr Rosalba Courtney as she guides you in a simple breathing technique which is great for relieving stress, aids meditation, may help in pain management or promote a deep and restful sleep.

 Listen to FREE audio sample and watch video interview below.

Breathing with relaxed and focused attention is the key to mental stillness and emotional peace.  There is a substantial amount of research showing that each person has a unique speed and depth of breathing that produces optimal balance in the nervous system and maximum efficiency of the respiratory and cardiovascular system.  This breathing is known as coherent or resonant frequency breathing.  Research has investigated the beneficial effects of this type of breathing in conditions such as fibromyalgia, panic disorder, major depression, anxiety, asthma, emphysema and hypertension.

Breathing Sample Audio

In this guided breathing meditation, you can discover how to find your own natural resonant breathing pattern.  The combination of the Zobet (solfeggio) sound healing frequencies and the guided breathing techniques provides the opportunity for a deeply relaxing and healing experience.  If you are going through challenging changes in your life, use this audio as often as you can to help you more easily through the transition.  See video below for an interview with Eeshi-Ra and Rosalba.

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What if you could take the harmonising effects of the frequencies and feel like you’ve also just deeply relaxed your head and shoulders or your whole body? (Energetic Massage) or maybe assist in you conceiving a child (Fertility) or having an awesome pregnancy and birth (Pregnancy) or to learn how to enjoy more sacred sexual pleasure (Self Pleasuring) or to easily de-stress you after a busy day (Stress Relief) etc.  Well now you can!

Eeshi-Ra Hart (formerly Ashera) and Sonic Life Solutions are proud to announce the release of other solfeggio sound healing audio to help you tune in on a happier life!

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