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  • Imagine your clients, students, sound journeyers, dancers or fans walking away after your journey/session/DJ set or gig feeling much more grounded, balanced, in tune, energised, uplifted, connected, ecstatic, etc and telling their friends, family & colleagues about you because they had such a positive & potent transformational experience!
  • This is for you if you’d like to up level your skillset & serve your clients, students &/or sound journeyers EVEN better. Have you felt something was missing?  Are you ready to achieve mastery level NOW?
  • Maybe you’re a newbie to sound who wants to dive right in, or an active sound practitioner, coach, retreat leader, self development practitioner, ecstatic dance DJ, natural healer or practitioner, sexual healing facilitator, musician, artist, creative or music producer who wants to bring in the science of healing frequencies to create deep space with lasting transformation for others?
  • Do you hold the highest vision for yourself & want to receive more recognition for your healing gifts and be regarded as the “go to” expert in your community that also enables you to expand your income, easily invest in some precisely-tuned instruments, travel more extensively & benefit a wider community globally?
  • Want to learn how to truly embody all these skills so you have full confidence in more easily assisting others to navigate any energy shifts they may feel as they arise so you can achieve more success & fulfil your full potential
  • This training is not for someone who just wants to play relaxing music on a guitar or play just any untuned sonic instrument and offer a basic journey with limited healing benefits or someone who hasn’t already done some level of self healing and embodiment practice or has no interest in doing that for their own personal & professional development e.g. breathwork, dance, bodywork, exercise, QiGong, martial arts etc.
  • If you’re serious about offering sound as medicine & you answered YES to all these questions then this is for YOU!

I’ve been leading sound journeys since 2011 starting in the UK co-founding Sonic Enchantment with Fabio Garces and then changed the name to The Frequency Shift and traveled to the USA, Australia and now Bali sharing the profound benefits of the Zobet (solfeggio) sound healing frequencies which are potent frequency shifters during this time of the planetary awakening.

What makes this course different from many others you might consider?

I have been working with sound healing since 2001, and given that I have a passion for supporting my clients and sound journeyers giving them the deepest experience possible, I prefer to fine tune their healing experience with the power of wholistic sonic science using primarily scientifically-researched sound frequencies, so this course is a deep dive into bringing those benefits to your clients and sound journeyers too!  I’m all about guiding sound healing practitioners to get really informed about the exact Hz of their instruments, what mental, emotional, physical & spiritual benefits can be offered, and how to deeply embody the transmission of the sound healing, so it’s possible to facilitate the best healing outcome(s) so what is offered is truly sound healing and way beyond just a nice relaxing time!  Clients and sound journeyers who have had a profound transformational sound healing experience will always be coming back for MORE!

Sound will be the medicine of the Future” – Psychic Edgar Cayceand I do believe the Future is NOW!


Check out the video and course content below.

You’ll learn:

  1. How the intended Healing Outcome will guide everything
  2. Music Therapy or Sound Healing?
  3. The Science of Healing Frequencies: 432Hz vs. 440Hz vs. 444Hz, benefits of musical intervals & body ratios, the tritone, nature sounds, crop circles, for the aura, master frequencies, insomnia, autism, brain & brainwave entrainment, body organs/meridians, the 5 elements, how changing the time of day changes the benefits of your journey, to detox, boost serotonin, harmonise the heart, to attune with the Earth, planets & Universe, amino acids, periodic table of elements, atomic structure, to clear negative emotions, energies & entities, activate the light body, cymatics, activating DNA, physical healing & old injuries, for spiritual unity & Source connection, pathocidic frequencies & zapping
  4. How to find out the Hz of your instruments?
  5. What other benefits? – Physical, mental, emotional & spiritual using Binaural Beats?
  6. Where is sound used in medicine today?
  7. Chakras:  What frequencies are best?
  8. Top 4 ways to create a deeper experience
  9. How to guide your journeyers
  10. Creating Sacred Space
  11. Offering yourself as a channel for Spirit
  12. How to give a guided relaxation meditation
  13. How to merge Love with the Voice & all instruments/sounds
  14. Healing Effects when playing Bowls
  15. How to get Fully Present & Embody Intention
  16. Prayers, Affirmations & Telepathy
  17. What to tell your journeyers/clients before
  18. Do’s and Don’t’s
  19. The importance of Water
  20. The importance of the Breath
  21. Energy Shifts & How to Clear Before, During & After
  22. Grounding to complete
  23. What to wear & preparation before
  24. What Instruments/Sounds to choose? – Electronic or Natural? – Crystal Bowls (Demo), Himalayan bowls & other crystal instruments, tuning forks (Demo), chimes & wah wah’s (Demo), xylophones, monochords, tongue drums, gongs, planetary trigons & plates, temple bells (Demo), tingshas, kalimba, the voice/mantra (Demo), rainstick & ocean drum (Demo), Medicine drum (Demo), shamanic rattles & shakers (Demo), didjeridu, nature & planetary sounds & the shamanic use of sound.  Guest teachers (15-20 min classes – Online/1-2 hour classes – Live Bali training): Planetary Singing Bowls (Live), Gongs, Medicine drum, Native American flute & Handpan,
  25. What a journey might look like – Summary & multiple instrument demo/walkthrough
  26. Marketing: Room size, flyer & pricing & tech setup for giving online journeys
  27. Storing and Clearing instruments
  28. Other uses of Sound Healing
  29. Contra-Indications – When not to use Sound

“Eeshi-Ra is truly a professional in the field of healing and sound.  She impressed me greatly not only on a professional level (teaching me more than I anticipated; and I love learning), but also as a compassionate, caring healing, teacher, and a very real person who loves what she does and does it well”

- Sergey S. (M.D. USA)

“I am amazed of how much knowledge Eeshi-Ra Hart has about frequencies – in every aspect. Not only learning about sound healing, but so much more than I never knew existed.  I realise I truly came to the right place to learn all of it.  Eeshi-Ra speaks with an enthusiasm in a language that really makes me feel what it’s all about and I’m learning so much in a very short amount of time. It’s really joyful. The course has a very good structure that gives room to digest what you have learnt before going into the next topic. This really motivates me to go deeper which is perfect for the next chapter in my education. I really recommend everyone who want to learn more about frequencies in general, there is so much knowledge to get from this course and also to figure out which direction to go deeper into. I love this so much! Ready for the next courses now:) .  Thank you, Eeshi Ra:)”

– Lisa S. - Leading Sound Journeys Practitioner (Norway)

“The workshops with Eeshi-Ra gave me a comprehensive knowledge of working with sound for healing both in theory and practice… Eeshi-Ra puts her heart and soul into her work.  She is also a mine of information on anything which supports our healing and spiritual evolution.  Thank you Eeshi-Ra”

- Christine D. France

“A very informative course, and she was very knowledgeable and helpful with all the students.  It was a practical hands-on way of learning and fun too.  I learnt so much…. I would train with Eeshi-Ra again and recommend her workshops and trainings”

- Sally F - Zobet Tuning Forks Practitioner (UK)

“I totally recommend Eeshi-Ra and her treatments are next level!!  She’s amazing at working holistically with sound and frequencies and her treatments have a deep and long lasting effect.  She’s also a great teacher and I was so inspired that I bought my own forks and am now learning how to use them.  It’s been a great journey so far!”

- Jesael - BioMagnetic Pair Therapy Practitioner UK
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“I can highly recommend Eeshi-Ra’s courses, they are packed full of content and passion for her work”

– Jenny, Solfeggio/Zobet tuning forks practitioner (UK)

The Online Course includes:-

  • 12.5 HOURS of Sound Healing Mentoring with the latest in Wholistic Sonic Science research
  • 62 TRAINING VIDEOS (in High Quality .MP4 video format)
    • Crystal Instruments & Bowls – 14 minutes 42 seconds
    • Tuning Forks – 19m 32s
    • Chimes & Wah Wahs – 19m 16s
    • Gongs – 7m 41s
    • Temple Bells demo – 16m 23s (part of Trigons, Plates, Bells, Tingshas & Kalimba video)
    • Voice & Mantra – 18m 18s
    • Rainstick & Ocean Drums – 13m 44s
    • Medicine Drum – 6m 21s
    • GOLD Solfeggio Zobet Tuning Fork Practitioner CourseShamanic Rattles/Shakers –  10m 18s
  • DEMO SOUND JOURNEY (58 minutes) with multiple instruments (.MP4 High Quality video)
  • 15-26 MINUTE INTRO CLASSES by GUEST TEACHERS: Gongs (16m 56s), Singing Bowls (26m), Medicine Drum (20m 33s), Native American Flute (21m 26s) and Handpan (16m 38s).  Advanced courses also available eg didjeridu sound healing, handpan etc.  Check out Guest Teacher Bios and promo videos below.  Check the full 17 page Intro Classes content breakdown here.
  • 3 PRE-SESSION MP3 AUDIOS (Earthing, Flower of Life & Violet Flame) – To clear, ground and energise before or after a session
  • 12 TOP TIPS & ZOOM SETTINGS for ONLINE JOURNEYS (See Section 26 video)
  • 5 PAGE COURSE WEBLINKS PDF for easy access of all course links
  • BONUS FREE “WHY 111Hz & WHY NOW?” VIDEO (1 hour 27 mins) – International Sound Summit Slideshow Presentation (in High Quality .MP4 video format) (£20 VALUE)
  • BONUS FREE SONIC SANCTUM 20 MIN AUDIO – For self care and space clearing (MP3 tuning fork sound healing audio) (£15 VALUE) and
  • BONUS FREE EARTHING 20 MIN AUDIO – To ground before or after a journey or a client session and to reset the body’s natural connection to the Earth after using technology (MP3 tuning fork sound healing audio) (£15 VALUE)
  • BONUS EARTH SKY MEDITATION (.MP4 High Quality video) (£15 VALUE)
  • Practitioner Certificate of Completion (Email Eeshira upon completion of the course)
  • Special Practitioner Discounts on sound healing courses, audios and DVD’s/video downloads to keep yourself clear, energised, and tuned in! (See Other Offerings video when you sign up & the PDF is here!).
  • Want an extra discount? Are you a newbie to Sound Healing?  Sign up for Leading Sound Journeys and receive a special 20% off coupon for “Intro to Sound Healing” and get 20% off


EESHIRA HART (UK) – I’ve been singing since I was a kid and have been working with sound frequency for over 21 years.  I have been sharing this kind of sonic transformation with others for many years for physical healing (e.g. scar tissue, nerve damage, chronic pain, poor energy flow, limited mobility etc).  I now offer similar tools to benefit our mindset, by transforming fear into love, and replacing any lies we believe with the truth of who we are so we can more fully embody our Divine loving sovereign self!

Now more than ever, we are being called to step free of the past & sound healing with specifically-tuned instruments together with the voice are some of the most powerful prayers we have available to us!  I’ve been offering sound healing journeys since 2011 starting with Sonic Enchantment in the UK, and then taking these healing vibrations to the USA with the same journey re-named The Frequency Shift, which then traveled to Australia and then Bali.  It’s been so inspiring to see how deep our sound journeyers have gone with the frequencies of the solfeggio/Zobet and a wide range of different instruments with many happy healing outcomes you can find on my Testimonials page.  I’m excited to share all my holistic sonic science research in one place in this cutting-edge course that will give you everything you need to take your sound healing journeys & client sessions to mastery level!  If you’d like to bring a wide choice of sound healing benefits to your clients and your community especially helpful at this time, then come join me!  The frequencies I tune in with and offer can also assist you living an even happier life!  A more fearless, trusting, uplifted, energised, empowered, expressive, abundant, loving and kinder way of being for yourself and others!

Come and learn how to tune yourself, raise your vibration and support others to do the same.

I so look forward to welcoming you there!


Instagram: @SonicLifeSolutions

RIO PRATOMO (Java, Indonesia)

Rio Pratomo is originally from West Java in Indonesia (Bandung City).  He is a flute player and drum percussionist.    He is busy with multiple musical projects in Bali and is a very active member of the band Nayyamul.

Rio is sharing intro classes in the Native American Medicine Drum and the Native American flute for this Leading Sound Journeys online course.

He’s been making drums since 2015 and been playing and learning at the same time since 2014.

Rio also makes his own custom-designed flutes and drums so if you’d like to see some of his designs, check out his Instagram below.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rio.pratomoo

GARY THOMAS (Australia)

Gary Thomas presents: A Didjeridu Sound Massage Technique (This is an Advanced Class available separately here)

Hello Good People

After Learning how to play the Didje from my Dreams both for Music and for Sound Massage, I had a Dream that took me around the world for 16 years, playing concerts, giving workshops and when people asked, Sound Massage.

It was a Journey of pure faith and trust as I was not allowed to busk, as this is what the Dreams Showed me.

This Didje Sound Massage Healing course you are about to embark on is very demanding, physically and mentally, so be prepared.

1. The first ability you must have is to be able to play the Didje for at least 20 mins non- stop.

2. The second is you must be able to play for that length of time walking around.  “More“

The sounds that you will play are long sounds, no calls, no voice, just the pure sound of the didje.

This training video will show everything you will need to do, from the type of Didje how to Prepare then move around the person before you.

What you will learn is what i was shown in my Dreams and these dreams came to me after a Traditional Elder taught me how to see the Traditional rock art paintings up in the Top End of Australia in the Northern Territory at Ubirr Rock .

May Life’s Love Guide you

Gary Thomas

Want to sign up to Gary’s advanced didje healing course?  Just go here or scroll down and click on his photo!

HELEN BELL (UK) is a fully embodied Heart & Body led leader passionate about educating practitioners of Sound + Frequency & also supporting change makers to get vibrationally impactful in their leadership & success!

Helen discovered the true transformative nature of Sound + Frequency through her own journey of self discovery as she moved out of the corporate world. Today with nearly a decade of experience in Sound + Frequency, Energy + Body work, Mentorship and Facilitation in the alternative health scene, personal development, healing + spiritual arts.

She brings an embodied and grounded approach to her work, weaving the dream team of Planet Frequency technology, Energetics + Mentorship; allowing for deep self-discovery, leaning into the subtle frequencies and nuances of self, for sustainable personal transformation.

Like Eeshira, she quickly understood the power and the importance of sound + exact frequency as a vibrational recalibration, clearing, re-coding, strengthening + coherence tool for our multi-dimensional spiritual/personal growth, health and vitality, especially during these large shifts in humanity, and the planet; moving us more and more towards our true self and into our joy!

She also believes in integration + mentorship – Having someone on your team during this time is gold!

Helen offers private online + in-person 1:1 programs, Group, Retreats, and various ceremonies + co-creations

Instagram: @life_is_delicious_x
Website: https://bio.site/HelenBell


Zhenya Topov is an international Handpan artist, teacher and sound journey facilitator.  He is the founder of Berlin Handpan Akademis and the creator of Inner cosmos Journey – Handpan Meditations.  A Handpan performance/ceremony which combines original Handpan music with framedrum, voice & Qi Gong meditations.

Zhenya is teaching an Intro Class for the Handpan, also known as the Hang and Sound Sculpture as a guest teacher for this Leading Sound Journeys online course.

Zhenya lives in Bali, the home of Qi Garden Handpans.  These quality Stainless Steel instruments are available for purchase via the @handpan_qi_garden online shop or by immediate purchase in Ubud, Bali

Instagram: https://instagram.com/zhenyatopov

Instagram Handpan online shop: https://instagram.com/handpan_qi_garden


Anna has dedicated her life to helping others awaken their inner potential and activate the Divine within themselves.

Her grounded and embodied approach to spiritual practices allows everyone to dive deeply into self-discovery and personal transformation.

Anna has been practising many forms of Holistic Healing for over 20 years. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Body Therapist, Musically Trained Sound Healing Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator and Certified Astrologer.

Anna offers shamanic ceremonies, retreats, groups, and private sessions. Her global mission is to change people’s understanding of their relationship with themselves and the world around them, to enable them to create a life based on their fundamental needs for joy and freedom.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sohanaspirit

Instagram: https://instagram.com/anna_sohana

Website: https://sohanaspirit.com