Ascending to a higher vibration

Ascending to a higher vibration

 “The creation has come from vibrations,

which the Hindus have called nada…..
Music is his (humankind’s) nature,
it has come from vibration,
and he himself  (humankind) is vibration”

– “The Mysticism of Sound and Music” by Sufi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927)

Vibration + conscious, loving intention

= HEALING!!! or

Positive thought (“I am loved & supported”) + energy
(taking action)


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Together forever!We are living in an ocean of vibrating atoms which are constantly in a state of flux. The vibration of the planet is changing as we have now completed the end of a 25,950 year cycle (Kali Yuga) and many indigenous tribes across the world talk about this time as being “the end of time, as we know it” – not the end of the world (as some doomsday people might call it) but the end of TIME.  What that means is the shifting of humanity’s vibration to another level.  In Christianity it is called the Rapture or Second Coming and even tho’ I don’t align with religion because of its limitations, and instead I choose a spirit-u-All life, I do believe that the Second Coming is not one person, but all of us.  (David Wilcock has more on this, click here for more info).  Whether you call that Christ or Buddha or Krishna or whatever divine energy you want to call it, it is the shifting of the consciousness of humanity from being fear-based/controlled into a place of love instead.  In order to do that, we are now going through the challenging times of addressing everything that doesn’t work and transforming it into what does, so we can actually continue to live on this earth in mutual co-existence rather than being like a petulant child who trashes their bedroom!

Sound is a great tool for helping us sense things on a deeper level and I believe it’s a gift that can help us during these challenging times.  With sound, particularly with using the voice you can develop a heightened state of awareness of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states and therefore become more in tune with You!  The more in tune you become, the more in-tuitive you become and thus better at dealing with life on a day-to-day basis and more able to be in tune with others and your environment/the Planet you live on.

What the geometry of the Aum looks like

What the geometry of the Aum looks like

“The human voice is the most powerful musical instrument of all the instruments ever created.”   When the voice is combined with pure toned crystal quartz bowls, the musical sound frequencies can produce an amazing healing effect within every molecule, cell and tissue of the body. Crystal Quartz Bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz.  They emit vibrations that correspond to the octave of sound within our etheric body and are a great tool for helping us clear the density of negative consciousness/vibration so we can shift to a higher vibration/consciousness.  Vibrational Healing is based on the idea that illness or disease is the result of blockages in the meridians, nadis, tissues, organs or systems of the body that do not allow the chi or life energy to flow freely and efficiently.  When an area of the body is not vibrating at a healthy frequency it results in some kind of illness so sound can be a fast track to assisting us to get back into harmony and evolve too!

As the planet has moved past 2012, we are going through a massive shift in terms of light awakening within us.  The effect of that is that it brings up everything that is not in a place of light/love for healing.  That is why there is so much unrest and challenges for humanity at this time.  If we can finally awaken to the fact that love is what works, then we can shift from a lower vibration of unloving behaviour and then become who we really are – fully loving, respectful, and peace-full humans!  This is of huge importance since without us consciously changing our habits e.g. trashing our home planet, causing suffering to self, animals and other humans etc, we cannot expect to survive.

So let’s tune in and tune up so we can live the life we were born to live!!!

We are One

Everyone can make a difference,
no matter who or where you are!

The choice is Ours!

Om Shanti Om

(Peace for all beings every-where!!!)