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There are many sessions you can choose from and the following are currently available via Skype:-

– Body Sonics
– Conscious Emotional Release
– Contract Clearing

– Health Coaching
– Mentoring (for sound practitioners, musicians, music producers etc)
– Sonic Breath Activation

– Soul Embodiment
– The Reclaiming
(Cutting the ties with past lovers/unloving relationships)

Please note that I, Eeshi-Ra am currently located in Australia and the time zone as of October 2017 is:-

UK – 11 hours ahead of GMT
California – 19 hours ahead of West Coast  USA
New York – 16 hours ahead of East Coast USA
Bali – 3 hours ahead of Bali

Once you’ve decided which session you would like, please fill out the form below to make a booking, indicating session type, and let me know your Skype ID and Paypal details too.

Once you have emailed me, I will email you a choice of two or three appointment times with my Skype ID, together with payment instructions. Sessions are offered on a sliding scale based on what you can afford.

Whether it’s a breakthrough you’re looking for, or a deepening into your body’s wisdom, clearing out the past or tuning into heightened states of health, happiness, spiritual connection and awakening, I’m here for you!

I look forward to being of healing service to you to support you on this part of your journey
In love and truth
Eeshi-Ra Hart
Transformation through the power of Sound!

View my brochure below.

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