There are many sessions you can choose from and the following are currently available online:-

– Body Sonics – Full info here
– Conscious Emotional Release – Full info here
– Contract Clearing
– Full info here
– Health Coaching – Full info here
– Mentoring (for sound practitioners, musicians, music producers etc) – Full info here
– Shift It (Break through Blocks and Raise your Vibration) – Full info on personal sessions here and the online course here
– Sonic Breath Activation
  – Full info here
– Sonic Soul Retrieval – Full info on personal sessions here and the online course here
– The Reclaiming
(Cutting the Ties with Past Lovers/Unloving Relationships) – Full info on personal sessions here and the online course here

See full summary of all online sessions here

Got questions?  Not sure which session or course is right for you?
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Booking your Session: Once you’ve decided which session you would like, please fill out the form below to make a booking, indicating session type, your current time zone (nearest city), and please let us know your Paypal email.

Once you’ve completed the form, and given me Eeshi-Ra a choice of three appointment times, I will reply with my Skype ID and details of how to make payment.  Once payment has been received, your session can be confirmed.  If you don’t currently use Skype, kindly download the app onto your phone or computer prior to your session date.  It’s completely free to use!

N.B. CANCELLATIONS, RE-SCHEDULING & REFUNDS: If you’d like to re-schedule, cancel or have a refund prior to your booked appointment date, please give at least 24 hour’s notice via website email here, otherwise 50% of your session payment will unfortunately be chargeable.  More on our refund and cancellation policy here.

Whether it’s a breakthrough you’re looking for, or a deepening into your body’s wisdom, clearing out the past or tuning into heightened states of health, happiness, spiritual connection and awakening, I’m here for you!

I look forward to being of Sacred Sonic Service to you to support you on this part of your healing journey
In Love and Truth
Eeshi-Ra Hart
Transformation through the power of Wholistic Sonic Science

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