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The Reclaiming session shares with you a special ancient shamanic breathing technique in a private ceremonial space that is rarely taught anymore in the West, which Eeshi-Ra has added to, so that it can be used, not only to cut the ties with past lovers, but also for bringing harmony back into any relationships that have become unloving or disempowering for you in some way.

  • Did you know that every lover you’ve ever made love with as a woman continues to source energy from your womb for 7 years unless you cut the ties properly with him?
  • Have you had enough of dishonouring or disempowering yourself around men or others?
  • Are you ready to move beyond the trauma of being sexually, physically or verbally abused you in the past?
  • Are you fed up allowing men or others to seek to put you down, control you etc?
  • Do you get confused why you still continue to attract that kind of experience?


  • Would you like to clear any negativity, stagnant or disrespectful or unloving energy from your womb/pelvic area and create a pristine sacred space there to prepare for only the Divine Masculine/Feminine to enter?
  • Would you like to find new ways of honouring and loving yourself?
  • Are you ready to fully love and honour your partner, friends, family and colleagues, so you can create the relationships you truly want?


If the answer is yes to any of these, THEN:

I lovingly invite you to Your Reclaiming
Reclaiming the Divine Goddess or God that is YOU!
Reclaiming your fully loving self
Reclaiming your Divine Feminine and Masculine nature

Come and reclaim a deeper love for yourself and love for the Divine Feminine and Masculine in yourself & ALL others.


“Concerning our session, I met someone the same night. His profile was similar to the ex with whom I cut the ties.  I didn’t go further than kissing, but I felt his energy and later, distance and time confirmed my intuition.  I have never met someone like that after this ex.  Your session brought me then a test.  I chose to have no further contact with him.  I moved away from him.  Thank you sister”.

Sandra (France)

“Aaaaaaaw ThanXx you beautiful goddess.  I’ve been doing the recapitulation breathing like it’s something I’ve been reminded of now and it’s brilliant, even in shorter bursts.  Sunday really, really helped me create space … mostest High Love & Lighteousness.  Thank you and Ma’at also thanks you as there was not much room to breathe there in my channel for the last little while.  Fab Xx.”

Rebekah, Single Mother (UK)

“A week ago I enjoyed a wonderful guided breathing session with Eeshi-Ra.  Breathing deeper and in ways not known to me until this point, allowed for a flow of energy that connected me to Source.  I have seen a strongly-evidenced-based shift in ways that I am extremely grateful for.  The session was a deep and obvious catalyst to carry through the other wonderful wisdom, that I have been guided on and become aware of in myself thus far.  Gratitude and appreciation in abundance.”

Tony M. (UK)

“I found the most potent moment was at the end in saying ‘thank u for your presence, please leave now’.   Quite a few of them were like ‘what? What do u mean? Like finally?’ And I was like ‘yep like finally’.   The surprised looks on some of their faces were priceless. And others tugged at my heart strings.  But I asked them all to leave”.

Rosa (Australia)

This is an ancient shamanic practice known as “the recapitulation” that combines a specific body movement and type of breath as we tune in with all our energy centres (chakras).  In the ancient world, it was practiced by women in a cave sometimes, for months if required, to deeply clear and release all energetic attachments, depending on how long the partnership lasted, how deep the connection is and particularly if there were other lovers involved.  What’s fascinating is that our bodies give us a sign to show us when all our energy has been reclaimed, and all the energy of each lover/partner has been returned to them, so we know that the process is finally complete.  It is also a reclaiming of the true nature of relationship and the love that is/was shared together.  It can be a truly profound experience when we reclaim our power and all our energy and free ourselves!

Benefits of The Reclaiming Shamanic Recapitulation practice may include:-

  • A deeper level of love for yourself and others
  • Emotional clearing of the past
  • A reclaiming of your own power
  • Feeling more energy available to you on a day-to-day basis
  • An uplifted mood
  • A clearer mind and focus in your life
  • Higher self esteem and ability to discern what’s right for you
  • Deeper level of in-tuition and listening to your inner guidance
  • Feeling more empowered to communicate your boundaries and speak your truth
  • A practice you can use ongoing for any partner or unloving relationship
  • A deeper connection with your body and tuning in with what you need
  • A deeper state of physical embodiment and feeling grounded
  • A heightened state of natural bliss in your body
  • A deeper connection with your sacred womb space & more!

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