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The Reclaiming session shares with you a special ancient shamanic breathing technique that is rarely taught anymore in the West, which Eeshi-Ra has added to that can be used to not only cut the ties with past lovers but also for any relationships that have become unloving or disempowering in some way.

  • Did you know that every lover you’ve ever had as a woman continues to source energy from you unless you clear it?
  • Have you had enough of dishonouring or disempowering yourself around men or others?
  • Are you ready to move beyond the trauma of being sexually, physically or verbally abused you in the past?
  • Are you fed up allowing men or others to seek to put you down, control you etc?
  • Do you get confused why you still continue to attract that kind of experience?


  • Would you like to clear any negativity, stagnant or disrespectful or unloving energy from your womb and create a pristine sacred space there to prepare for only the Divine Masculine/Feminine to enter?
  • Would you like to find new ways of honouring and loving yourself?
  • Are you ready to fully love and honour your partner, friends, family and colleagues, so you can create the relationships you truly want?


I lovingly invite you to Your Reclaiming
Reclaiming the Divine Goddess or God that is YOU!
Reclaiming your fully loving self
Reclaiming your Divine Feminine and Masculine nature

Come and reclaim a deeper love for yourself and love for the Divine Feminine and Masculine in yourself & ALL others.

From Eeshi-Ra’s forthcoming book “Breaking Free” (formerly Ashera).

Benefits of The Reclaiming Shamanic Recapitulation practice may include:-

  • A deeper level of love for yourself and others
  • Emotional clearing of the past
  • A Reclaiming of your own power
  • Feeling more energy available to you on a day-to-day basis
  • An uplifted mood
  • A clearer mind and focus in your life
  • Higher self esteem and ability to discern what’s right for you
  • Deeper level of in-tuition and listening to your inner guidance
  • Feeling more empowered to communicate your boundaries and speak your truth
  • A practice you can use ongoing for any partner or unloving relationship
  • A deeper connection with your body and tuning in with what you need
  • A heightened state of natural bliss in your body
  • A deeper connection with your sacred womb space & more!

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