Tune in with the natural vibrations of the Earth with this tuning fork audio lovingly blended with birdsong and other nature sounds.  20 minute and 1 hour versions available.

The four vibrations offered are:-

  • The Schumann Resonance (Yang);
  • The Geomagnetic frequency (Yin);
  • The Universal Om (Earth’s rotation around the Sun); and
  • The master frequency of 111Hz

The Schumann Resonances (Yang) are a series of standing waves between the surface of Earth and ionosphere 60-80km above the earth from the many lightning strikes around our planet. They were discovered by Dr W.O. Schumann in 1957.  The predominant standing wave is about 7.83Hz and there is a direct correlation between the Schumann Resonances and human brainwave states. Humans and all life on Earth are “tuned into” this background frequency and depend on it of life – a veritable “tuning fork” for life!

EMF pollution acts like “noise” and can disturb our connection with the earth so we’re literally out of tune. It can cause more stress, fatigue, imbalance and electro-sensitivity to technology.  EMF radiation also impacts us neurologically e.g. alters brain activity, headaches, concentration issues, cardiologically (alters blood pressure, heart rate, heart disease etc), impairs immunity, reproduction (reduces sperm count, increases miscarriage, damages DNA, increases cancer etc).

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Benefits of the Schumann includes:-

  • Protection from EMF’s
  • Increases melatonin (free radical scavenger),
  • Enhances cellular growth
  • Boosts immunity
  • Balances metabolism/body temperature/blood pressure/heartbeat/breathing/sleep-wake cycles and hormone levels
  • Improves reaction times
  • Increases blood flow to the brain and limbs
  • Deepens meditation etc.

It’s been shown by scientific study (Max Planck Institute) that the body gets sick if it’s screened out or you’re an astronaut in space out of the orbit of earth and no longer able to tune into its natural vibrations. Simulators of the Schumann Resonance are now on board every spacecraft to minimise any health issues.

The Geomagnetic (Yin) was discovered by scientist Bob Beck in the 1960’s to be emanating from within the Earth.

Benefits of the Geomagnetic include:-

  • Tissue regeneration (NASA study)
  • Insomnia (as shown by PEMF research)
  • Parkinson’s disease (as shown by PEMF research)
  • Direct link to 432Hz muscial tuning harmonics and 528Hz (solfeggio)

Research by the Max Planck Institute of Behavioural Physiology in Germany and E Jacobi at University of Dusseldorf shows that our bodies needs both the Schumann Resonance (Yang) and the Geomagnetic (Yin) to be in balance.
(Source: “Informative Medizin” by Dr Wolfgang Ludwig) to have an optimal healthy life.

Leonardo da Vinci,Flower of Life,Fibonacci,Golden Mean,Phi ratio,Vitruvian manThe master frequency of 111Hz is found in ancient sound chambers (e.g. Newgrange in Ireland) and has been shown by university study (UCLA and Princeton) to have many beneficial effects.

Benefits of 111Hz include:-

  • Re-balancing
  • Uplifting
  • Energising
  • De-stressing
  • Relief from discomfort,
  • Increased self esteem/self-love etc
  • Deepens spiritual unity & attunement with the Divine and Source, and many more!

The Universal Om (the Earth year/Earth’s rotation around the sun) is used by all Indian musicians to tune their instruments to (e.g. sitars, tambura etc).  It has been given to yogis through meditation when opening up to the cosmos to deepen our connection spiritually.

Benefits of the Om include:-

  • Very good for clearing stagnant/stuck energy
  • Relaxing
  • Grounding
  • De-stressing
  • Re-balancing
  • Relieves inner restlessness & nervousness
  • Helpful for muscle tension and spasms (so great for bodyworkers/physical therapists
  • Good for habitual headaches; and
  • Accessing higher states of consciousness, meditation and inner peace.