Stress Relief

Stress Relief


Tune into a stress-free day and make it a thing of the past with this innovative guided audio!


Tune into deeper states of relaxation and when used regularly, make stress a thing of the past!
(58 MB zip file audio download highest quality MP3. Great as an instant upload into your iPhone, iPod, Android etc!) © Copyright 2011 Eeshira Hart (formerly Ashera)/Sonic Life Solutions/Foszia Turner-Stylianou – All Rights Reserved.

(IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have a good internet connection before downloading.  You have 72 hours in which to download your files.  N.B. If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, please download this onto a computer first, so it can be decompressed, before copying or syncing with any other device and playing.  If you are on a Mac, this will decompress automatically when you double click the zip file, and if you’re on a PC, please use WinZip or similar software to extract the file. Thank you).

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Eeshi-Ra & The High Vibe team!
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