Stress Relief

Stress Relief


Tune into a stress-free day and make it a thing of the past with this innovative guided audio!


Tune into deeper states of relaxation with this guided innovative sound healing audio series with Zobet (solfeggio) tuning fork, gentle nature sounds & guided practice by hypnotherapist expert Foszia Turner-Stylianou and when used regularly, make stress a thing of the past!

(58 MB zip file audio download highest quality MP3. Great as an instant upload into your iPhone, iPod, Android etc!) © Copyright 2011 Eeshira Hart (formerly Ashera)/Sonic Life Solutions/Foszia Turner-Stylianou – All Rights Reserved.

(IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have a good internet connection before downloading.  You have 72 hours in which to download your files.  N.B. If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, please download this onto a computer first, so it can be decompressed, before copying or syncing with any other device and playing.  If you are on a Mac, this will decompress automatically when you double click the zip file, and if you’re on a PC, please use WinZip or similar software to extract the file. Thank you).

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