528Hz tuning forkIn 1977 Fabien Maman sound healer and acupuncturist who has spent over 20 years researching the effect of sound on the body, pioneered the elegant and non-invasive technique of using tuning forks and coloured lights on acupuncture points instead of needles.  He also talks about this in his book “The Body as a Harp – Sound and Acupuncture”.  He believes that the vibrational energy from the tuning fork with a specific frequency can be more powerful to unblock the obstruction in the meridian than acupuncture needles.   In fact, the tuning fork transmits a pure tone that travels deeper through the body’s cells/tissues and much faster than the vibration of an acupuncture needle.  Since they don’t need to receive by the body via the ears, the technique can be used even on someone who is deaf.

Indeed, other acupuncturists also believe that tuning forks can be more beneficial than needles.

Greg Shannon, a US-based acupuncturist has this to say:-

“Precision calibrated tuning forks can be applied to specific acupuncture and acupressure points that access the body’s Meridians of energy. Listening to and applying the forks to the body and above it stimulate and balance the body’s subtle energies to promote healing and inner balance/harmony.

The rich resonance from the tuning forks, along with Tibetan bowls and other instruments, helps connect us with and supports the body’s natural frequencies in the muscles, bones, tissue and even cells to help balance the whole body, the physical, mental and spiritual.

CymaticsGoing deeper

The Acutonics Healing System is another tuning fork technique co-founded by Donna Carey PhD Lac and Ellen Franklin (and the Kairos Institute) which has created certain body maps or combinations of meridian points to clear ancestral or multi-generational imprinting, muscular and cellular memory associated with trauma, conscious or unconscious repetition of negative patterns or behaviours.

If we know that through the power of sound we can literally clear the upsetting and possibly traumatic vibrational imprints from the past, we can clean the slate and step free of our past, so we can fully experience the joy, ecstasy and fulfilment we are designed for.  More sound… more pleasure!

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