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Everyone deserves a right to health and yet in this day and age being healthy is ever increasingly becoming difficult to navigate.  Many of you may already know that Monsanto’s Roundup (Glyphosate) is now being outlawed in Europe and yet still in places like Marin in the San Francisco area of California of all places, they are still seeking to use it.  Many people don’t really realise that eating organic food is not just about having less toxic bio-accumulating chemicals/pesticides/herbicides in your body, it’s also about giving your body as many nutrients from your food as possible.  Since the early 1900’s it’s been known that most of our soils are hugely mineral-depleted anyway, as confirmed at the Earth Summit in Rio in 1990, but eating organic food is still definitely a better choice for us and the Earth.

Tune In Bliss Out!

Tune In Bliss Out!

What’s interesting about all this, is that from a sound healing perspective when peoples voices have been tested using a system called vocal profiling or voice spectral analysis (as pioneered by Sharry Edwards), it has been found, that in most people, the 111Hz frequency is missing. Why does that matter? 111Hz directly links to beta-endorphin production (feeling good) and your capacity to feel balanced and tuned in in every way and therefore it’s no wonder that people feel depressed, out of tune and imbalanced from a brain functioning perspective. If you want to find out more about what 111Hz is good for you can click on the link below and if you’d like to get a sound healing audio to have as your personal sound healing practitioner that can visit you daily bringing you that 111Hz frequency, I offer 20 minute, 40 minute or 1 hour lengths. more click here:  If we have a tool that can help us feel more in tune and happier in our lives then listening to sound healing audio daily can give us the ability to make the required changes to our diet and lifestyle as soon as we can.  The Unity Codes iso a sound healing audio that not only gives you the 111Hz frequency throughout, it also gives you that frequency as the difference tone in the pairs of Zobet tuning forks used, e.g. 147Hz and 258Hz has a difference of 111Hz etc.  The effects of this can be seen using an oscilloscope and I will post the link to the video later.

Here’s another piece on Roundup you might be interested to know about from my friend and sound healing colleague Judy Lynne Cole.  Judy also works with the same sound healing frequencies and is an expert on such matters and is always talking about the importance of eating non-GMO foods. Why? because many people don’t really think it’s that important so she keeps talking about it in an attempt to touch as many lives as possible.

ROUNDUP: Glyphosate & Phenylalanine

When you eat food your body knows isn’t good for you or you are allergic too, your histamine levels go up
When that goes up your serotonin levels drop (your feel good factor) & obsessive compulsive behaviour goes up
You will then crave what you are allergic to and you have less ability to deal with irritability and rage on a daily basis because your homocysteine also goes up.  (High levels of homocysteine in the blood are believed to increase the chance of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and osteoporosis).

GMO companiesJudy Cole promotes an amino acid supplement called SON formula (from fermented cabbage) which has L-methionine in it which lowers histamine levels once you remove the allergen e.g. bee sting or stop eating GMO food. You can take SON Formula at the max dose eg 10 crushed every 2 hrs with no food. (Unless you are male or over 6′ tall). If the bite or puncture wound has fluid, you can apply it directly/topically.   Judy’s website is and you can also order the amino acid supplement SON Formula here

If we don’t get the right amino acids in our diet, then our body doesn’t produce the right brain chemicals and we will then crave food we are allergic to and develop dysfunctional behaviour.  Is it any wonder many of us don’t feel great every day?  This is our birthright.  For example:

Amino Acid Restored brain chemical Addictive substance Amino acid deficiency symptoms Expected behaviour change
L-Tryptophan or 5- hydroxytryptophan (5HTP) Serotonin Sweets, alcohol, starch, ecstasy, marijuana, chocolate, tobacco Low self-esteem, OCD, irritability/rage, sleep problems, afternoon/eve cravings, negativity, heat intolerance, fibromyalgia, SAD Anti-craving, anti- depression, anti-insomnia, improved appetite control, enhanced mood and other serotonin deficiency symptoms

To download the full article on this fascinating subject go here: The importance of Amino Acids.

Glyphosate is a herbicide and genetic modifier and plant finisher and whilst that’s important to know, it is also unfortunately a metal chelator & disables two  enzymes so the body can’t get certain nutrients from food (tyrosine, tryptophan, zinc, cobalt, phenylalanine & manganese ). It disables it at the soil, plant and animal level. A while back when Judy was training ranchers on how to use radionics to determine what crops to plant, or what minerals to feed their farm, animals and family, they told her that the pigs refused to eat GMO corn and they cried when given it.  60% of the farm workers who used glyphosphate as a plant finisher to strip leaves off sugar cane died within 6 months from bladder cancer. This is from research by Dr Don Huber

There are 17-20 plants resistant to Roundup. One such example is Cleavers which is roundup resistant and is great as a tisane or tincture and interestingly can be helpful for bladder cancer and we can join the dots on that one! Nature always finds a way, so I hope us humans can find a way to wake up from this chemical monstrosity and madness!!

For those of you who live in the San Francisco/Marin area, or have friends who live there, please network this information widely re Roundup being used in the Marin area, because the more people that know about such action that can endanger our health, the more we can stand up and say no! The time is NOW!

wishing you all the best health in the world!