Cellular Sonics
Deep Sleep
Interactive Online Course

Deep Sleep Online Course & Tuning Forks for personal or practitioner use to bliss you and your patients out at the end of a busy day for a deeper and more restful sleep. (3 tuning forks specific for insomnia, plus blue velvet carrying pouch included with the course).

SPECIAL PRICE: £325 including all the tuning forks.  Jump in now here.  The online course is also available separately here.

Learn how to use tuning forks to treat insomnia and bliss out at the end of a busy day for a deep and restful sleep.  Kiss goodbye to all those sleepless nights!

Benefits include:-

  • Stress Relief – Enhances deep relaxation after a stressful or busy day
  • Calms, uplifts and encourages deeper sleep (as used in Russia for insomnia since the 1940’s due to beta-endorphin stimulation)
  • Brings gentle, soothing sonic sedative effects
  • Relieves inner restlessness or anxiety with soothing peace
  • Helps to ground shifting out of the mind & into the body
  • Rebalances the brain and nervous system and encourages a deeper internal focus
  • Relieves muscle tension that encourages deeper breathing to aid easier sleep
  • Accesses deeper states of meditation and inner peace
  • Wake up fresh, feeling truly regenerated and rejuvenated the next morning!

Tune in and drift off into deeper sleep with the many benefits of gentle, yet profound sound frequency!

Course includes:-

  • 55 page Cellular Sonics Tuning Forks DEEP SLEEP manual in PDF format;
  • 14 training videos on how to use tuning forks & tune into DEEP SLEEP!
  • DEEP SLEEP Personal Tuning Fork set of 3 forks (practitioner quality with velvet carrying pouch )
  • BONUS FREE 2 x “Anatomy of the Breath” MP4 Videos (£85 VALUE!);
  • BONUS FREE 111Hz International Sound Healing Summit MP4 Video (£20 VALUE)
  • BONUS FREE Sonic Sanctum 20 minute self care and space clearing tuning fork sound healing audio (£15 VALUE);
  • BONUS FREE Earthing 20 minute tuning fork sound healing audio to ground before or after treatment and to reset the body’s natural connection to the Earth after using technology (£15 VALUE)
  • Affiliate Program to earn while you learn – Earn commission by inspiring others to bring the magic of sound frequency into their lives for self-care too!  More here.




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