Why 111Hz and Why Now?

Why 111Hz and Why Now?


What did the ancients
know that can help
humanity at this time?


This 1 hr 27 minute MP4 video download is from my presentation that was originally given at the Archaeo-Acoustics conference at the Istanbul Technical University in November 2015, and then subsequently at SOAS University in London in 2017, and most recently at the International Sound Healing Summit broadcast online in October 2019.  It seeks to join the dots between ancient archaeology, gematria (ancient number codes/numerology), atomic structure, scientific discovery, cymatics & more!

  • What are its important effects on the brain?
  • What did the ancients know that can help humanity at this time?
  • Could it be that this frequency is the perfect catalyst for our turbulent times?
  • Can it bring transformation and healing to the busy, hectic 21st Century Western lifestyle to give humanity a much-needed reboot of our human bio-computer to reclaim the truth of who we really are?

Come and find out NOW!

Want to directly experience the profound benefits this master frequency has for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?  Get your personal 111Hz tuning fork when you checkout.  It will be offered below your shopping cart, or simply add it to your cart here.

(117MB MP4 video file). N.B. This is an MP4 video file which can be played in either QuickTime (Mac) or VLC Media Player which is free to download here.  © Copyright 2019 Eeshira Hart (previously Ashera)/Sonic Life Solutions – All Rights Reserved.  (IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have a good internet connection beforehand. You can either download or watch it via live streaming.

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