If you’re an alternative healthcare practitioner and you’d like to offer more services to your clients, then here are a couple of evolutionary systems I can recommend, whether it’s to get a deeper insight and overview of what’s happening with your client’s physical body and surrounding energy field or if you’d like to offer a deeper analysis of their dietary health and lifestyle with hair analysis.   Having these extra services available adds to the success of your clinic/practice by building a deeper level of trust with your client, provides extra income for you and they can also be great motivators in their healing process.

Hair Analysis with the Cell Wellbeing Environmental S-Drive

Bio-Profiler Hair AnalysisThis is a state-of-the-art technology that gives you the power of a bio-profiling laboratory at your fingertips.  As a health and wellness practitioner, once you’ve invested in this evolutionary technology, simply take the hair sample, scan and send the data off for analysis via the internet and 10 minutes later you will receive a detailed report whether you’re in your clinic or on the road.

The report addresses the key environmental indicators that are needed for optimum cellular wellness.

It covers:-

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Amino acid deficiencies
  • Toxins
  • Minerals
  • Microbiology/Parasites
  • EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids)
  • Foods
  • EMF/ELF (extremely low frequency) (radiation impact from mobiles, computers etc)
  • Antioxidants

Hair Profiler analysisThe results are not intended to replace or compete with traditional laboratory tests, and yet it is often found that the Bio-Profiler offers a more affordable and more in-depth solution for your client than many other tests available.  It helps prioritise the next steps for optimising wellness.

To view/download the brochure, please click here – Bio-Profiler Hair Analysis Brochure.

To find out more about what this health technology can determineor to book your own personal hair analysis test with or without consultaiont (by Dr J Rogerson), please go here, or if you have any questions, please feel free to email Eeshi-Ra here.

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EFI Photon Pro with BEISS LivEFIlm energy field imaging

Sick clientAre you a healing practitioner and you’d like to step into the future and bring your healing work to a whole other level with your client with energy field imaging?  Well now you can with cutting-edge technology that reveals the invisible spectrums of light not seen with the naked eye.  This cutting-edge imaging system is available either for still shots of your client or video or a combination of both systems!

This highly sensitive ‘light meter’ quickly and safely shows the energetic status of the body in clear colours and vivid patterns using energy field imaging called EFI Photon Pro.  This system is used by a wide range of practitioners including doctors, dentists, nutritionists, complementary therapists, healthcare practitioners, chiropractors, homeopaths, physiotherapists, dieticians, weight management,  spas, yoga studios & in the world of beauty, fitness, sports and Feng  Shui/Vastu/EMF consultants (electromagnetic pollution e.g. wifi) to highlight problem areas in the home and workplace.

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Maybe with one energy field scan, you can highlight issues with your client you’ve been wanting to get more insight or detail on, e.g. maybe it’s a food that doesn’t agree with them that’s clogging up their digestive system giving them brain fog and low energy daily; or it’s a tight shoulder that’s been troubling them for quite a while due to using the mouse on their computer which is at a bad angle and is compromising their body posture but they’ve never taken the time to get remedial massage for it, or change that chair they’re sitting in; or maybe it’s the tar in their lungs that they never detoxed after they gave up smoking!

EFI Software with USB dongle

EFI Software with USB dongle

Whatever it is, energy field scanning is an amazing tool to really see what’s going on and you won’t find any mainstream doctor using that anytime soon so it really puts you ahead of the curve!!  What’s more it’s a great tool to help motivate your client to engage fully in their healing process, to make real change in their life and it’s fun to do too!   When combined with hair analysis (Hair Profiling System also available for purchase.  Email me here for details) and other health check-ups e.g. blood microscopy, you can get really important feedback of what’s really going on in their body and then they can take action to heal completely, rather than just treating symptoms!  Feel better fast with the latest biofield technology and a holistic healing approach!  Click here for full info on Health Tests or email me direct here.  To view many other scans showing the benefits of sound healing as an amazing rebalancing tool click here.

You can also download the product brochure here – EFi Brochure

Please feel free to email me direct here if you have any questions.