How does 111Hz reset our Reptilian Brain and help with Trauma?

For those of you who don’t know my background, I’ve been a singer most of my life and in the early 1990’s I started to move away from working in the corporate world to training in alternative therapies.  Massage, shiatsu, aromatherapy, reflexology, rebirthing, etc till I finally came across sound healing in the late 1990’s.

I love to solve problems, so I tend to think a bit like a scientist and after discovering the use of sound frequency researched in a lab in Paris with in-vitro DNA, it got my mind thinking about what frequencies could help humanity at this time.  I could see humanity was really struggling with so many challenges and the one word that stood out was “disconnection”.  Was there a way sound frequency could help?

So I asked a question to the Universe, is there a specific frequency or series of frequencies that can be like a reboot for our biological system just like a computer?  After about 6 months I didn’t seem to get any response, so I asked again!  Then in 2001 I was recording my first sound healing CD in a solar-powered recording studio in the Australian outback and early one morning I received a dream!

I was shown humanity being controlled by technology affecting our connection spiritually to the Divine and also our grounding with the Earth.  I was shown that the use of specific frequencies based on Ra would be the key to shifting from a fear-based reality, where we are controlled and dominated, to one where we create a complete frequency shift using our voices where that world simply ceases to exist!  But I didn’t really get why Ra was important.  An Egyptian Sun God yes, but what else?

When I did a photo shoot for this CD, I had light orbs appear in many of the photos, and one of them appeared by my feet in the shape of a circle with a line through it at a diagonal.  See image.

Shortly after that I was synchromystically invited to a sound healing workshop in San Francisco where I was living at the time, and it was led by Randy Masters and he was talking about the Pi  ratio that we all learnt in school.  Then he mentioned another ratio called Phi.  The Phi ratio (from the Fibonacci sequence).  This code (1:1.618) is found in the codes of the Universe, the maths of nature and also the human body.  It’s found in our facial proportions, our bones and even right down to our DNA.  It’s also called Ra maths because these same ratios appear in the codes of the Pyramids of Egypt.

He showed us what that ratio looked like.  It’s drawn two different ways.  It looked exactly the same as the orb that appeared by my feet!  I was blown away.  Then I asked him, “Is there a frequency or a set of frequencies that embodies Ra maths?”.  He said “Yes” and turned to 18 tuning forks lying on the table next to him.  I was so excited because I suddenly realised I had not only had my dream more fully explained, but I had also received the answer to my question asked of the Universe almost a year ago!

This amazingly talented and generous man Randy Masters has been my guiding light and mentor ever since!

My path took me on to research the solfeggio frequencies more deeply, not from just what one book said “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse”, but into the mathematical, esoteric, scientific and sacred geometric significance of them actually being part of a far wider set of 18 frequencies.  As I dug deeper, I found out something very exciting, that the forks could be used in pairs in a special way that can actually give the body, mind & soul of yourself and anyone you offer these frequencies with the difference tone of 111Hz.  e.g. 147 and 258Hz, 417 and 528Hz etc.   Why is this important?  The 111Hz has been shown through extensive scientific research to be very beneficial for us in so many ways.  That’s why I call it a master frequency!

I created a Zobet/solfeggio tuning forks practitioner modality, I’ve presented globally about the importance of this amazing master sound healing frequency including heading up the International Sound Healing Summit in 2019 featuring a 90 minute presentation on 111Hz, created The Unity Codes tuning fork audio featuring all the Zobet frequencies mentioned above, created an Earthing tuning fork audio that combines the 111Hz with the Yang and Yin vibrations of Earth and the Om to naturally reset your body’s connection with the Earth that can be so useful if you use a lot of technology, and a mobile phone ringtone.

There is also a second set of difference tones (27 and 54Hz) that can also take us into a Gamma brainwave state to feel what it’s like to access what it feels like to be a monk meditating in a state of Samadhi!

“It’s really helped reduce my chronic back pain episodes.  I use it every day as part of my self care now. Thanks so much for introducing the 111Hz to me.”

- Maria S. (Japan) - Dance coach

“I just bought this tuning fork from Eeshi-Ra.  Been going to the chiropractor for two months for shoulder, neck and back pain.  Little improvement.  However the tuning fork stopped mine and my daughter’s pain in just two days.  Two days!  True story”. 


- Lynne A. (Canada) - Eeshi-Ra's Tuning Forks Customer

“Thank you so much Eeshi-Ra,,…. I am feeling so good after our session, most of the pain in my body has lifted. Thank you again…. such a relief to be experiencing such reduction in pain levels x” 

- Irene (UK) (Patient recovering from cancer), Eeshi-Ra's Client

“Rachel used the 111Hz tuning fork on me at the end of a session and it was like someone unplugged me: instant relaxation of all remaining tension within me. I’ve tried it all over the body but on the top of my head, temples, centre of my forehead, and sternum all have slightly different effects, but seem to work out all the kinks in both body and mind. I use it most days and that’s from a skeptic.”

- Lang (Bali) - Clinic patient of my osteopath colleague & Cellular Sonics co-creator Rachel Ellery

“My solfeggio forks sessions really helped me with my injury and now I don’t have pain in my leg or lower back (after 28 years from a car accident. It was amazing. It’s not just relaxing, or beautiful music. It’s powerful medicine”.

- Liana N. (Bali) - M.D./Naturopath/Acupuncturist

“I honestly don’t know what I would do without my 111 and 136.1 tuning forks, from Eeshi-Ra Hart and Sonic Life Solutions. Probably panic a bit though! I literally can’t go a day without them, and since I got them 10 months ago, I pretty much haven’t. I’ve suffered from insomnia off and on for 15 years now, and although it’s been a long journey of healing on many levels, I am now sleeping restfully. Before I go to sleep, I use each tuning fork a few times on my sternum, maybe on my forehead too—and they absolutely attune me to a zeropoint state of being: relaxed, clear-minded, and in my body. I have also gotten completely off of sleeping supplements. These tuning forks before bed are it for me! If you have trouble sleeping, or grounding, or getting into your body, I can’t recommend these tuning forks enough. And the highest quality ones, I strongly believe, are from Eeshira’s website. Blessed being!”

- Aimi C. (Bali/California)

“Started using 111hz and my Tibetan singing bowl in the hospice. Interesting results. I only gave 20 min sessions as new to them all and all very symptomatic with disease. They loved it. Helped insomnia, pain, ringing in ears and nausea. All found it peaceful and relaxing.”

- Susan McD. (UK) - Sound Healing Practitioner

“I used the 111Hz tuning fork as Eeshi-Ra advised before bed and did a Theta meditation and I was gone.  I slept through 7 hours without waking up which has not happened in 3 months.  I also missed the alarm.  :-). Incredible!”

- Maria (Bali) - Eeshi-Ra's Client and Earthing Tuning Forks Student

“My husband, (who had a shocking diagnosis of 4th stage metastatic prostatic cancer in the bones on Aug. 2, 2019), uses the fork twice daily on hip joints, spine, sacrum, sternum, and other place the scans have shown the presence of cancer.  He loves how it feels, very calming, and believes it is helping him as he is barely in any pain”.

- Corinne (USA) Eeshi-Ra's Tuning Fork Customer

“Hugest thanks Eeshi-Ra for the amazing sound therapy.  I was made a new man and using the energy field imaging equipment, the change was one of the most significant I have witnessed in 15 years” (from reviewing the effectiveness of over 450 modalities)

- Dr John Rogerson (UK) - Eeshi-Ra's Client & Biophysicist/Inventor of EFI Photon Pro

In 2008, I had the honour to join a private meeting with a small group of people who had done some very interesting archaeo-acoustic research at sacred sites in Ireland, and IBVA (a company that provides brainwave entrainment software for computers).  We met on a boat on the Thames river in London for a few hours and during that time, I was told that there was a British doctor who was seeking funding for research into 111Hz as a cure for autism.  I was told that I was not able to talk publicly about this mentioning any names, but I did share that it was a strong possibility of this frequency being very beneficial for autism.  I waited for a few years for the funding to be achieved and for the research to come out, but the funding was never granted.  So in about 2011, I went digging for research as it made sense to me that for a doctor to be so sure of autism being helped by this frequency, there must already be some proof in the public domain!  It didn’t take long before I found the research done at the California Institute of Technology by E. De Schutter & J.M. Bower in 1994, showing that the Purkinje cells of the cerebellum’s main firing frequency has been shown to be 111Hz.  Interestingly, this part of the brain when damaged, produces challenges like ADHD, autism, Multiple Sclerosis, auto-immune disorders, spider veins, neuro-degenerative disorders, AIDS, environmental toxicity, alcoholism and strokes.  Obviously autism has other factors that may also need to be taken into consideration, e.g. vaccine injury (and the need for heavy metal detoxification), gut flora rebalancing etc.

111Hz also has many other benefits such as activating the part of the brain that relates to empathy, mood, cognitive/emotional processing and moderating social behaviour.  It can also cause a temporary shift from left to right sided dominance = hemispheric brain rebalancing (Dr Ian Cook, UCLA – 2008) so it balances the logical and analytical left brain with the creative and intuitive right brain – creating what scientists call “whole brain synchronization”, maximizing our potential as thinkers, artists, and spiritual beings. This helps improve memory, enhances mental clarity, benefits learning disorders & creating positive change.

That part of the brain is also known as the reptilian brain which is the seat of where the fight, flight and freeze survival instinct responses are generated from. Having trained in Biodynamic Trauma Release breathwork, it’s been amazing to see how so much trauma locks that suppressed instinct response into the body’s muscles and neurology.  During Biodynamic Trauma Release breathwork sessions, it is commonplace to see the client look like they are literally running, moving their arms and legs, even though they are lying down.  This is the same as any animal in the wild who is running away from “a threat” e.g. a predator, or helicopter, but doesn’t get the opportunity to complete the release of that survival response because they were tranquilised so the memory is stored in the body.  When the polar bear starts to come back to consciousness, it’s often the case that their legs start to move to complete that “running away” impulse from the body even though they are lying down, and they release  the stress of being caught and tranquilised through visible shaking.  This is a very normal way for animals to process stress in nature as has been highlighted by the Somatic Experiencing work of Peter Levine. More here.  Most humans, unlike animals however, may not release their trauma at all, leading to a build up of stress in the body, which if left unexpressed and unresolved may later lead to illness.  Through the use of Biodynamic Trauma Release Breathwork, the body can unwind this unexpressed traumatic memory, and then the body movements start to slow, and so the trauma is finally released possibly from decades ago.  The breathing then shifts into a more relaxed state, perhaps there is some emotional or vocal release and then the client’s body shifts into a far more expanded and often a more deeply relaxed and peaceful state.

Most of us during our life have experienced trauma of some kind, and it is true testament of this master frequency and its gentle yet profound potency and how immediately a client responds to this frequency, especially if they are given two forks of the same frequency at the same time.  From my experience, it seems that finally the body has a chance to reset itself because as 111Hz rebalances, uplifts and energises, it helps shift from a contracted, fearful state, to expand out and deeply return to a place of unity, connection with self, connection with the Earth, the Universe and the Divine.

It has also been shown by university research that this code appears in our DNA, and is also found in the atomic structure of our human body!  It also transmits “the intelligence of the Sun” which is the energy of divine solar consciousness whether you want to call that Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Osiris or just light!

If you had to choose just one fork to journey with your entire life, let it be this frequency!   It is such a gift for us, particularly now especially to transcend all fear-based consciousness so we can fully awaken!

Listen here to my recent interview with The Consciousness Cure show where I talk more about transforming Fear to Love and how sound healing can help!  I also offer a special Pineal Gland meditation too.  Breathe into your Divinity and surrender to the Light that you are!

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