“Raise your Vibration in Just 10 minutes” Guided Meditation

with Eeshi-Ra Hart

What an honour it is to be invited to share some of my vibrational healing gifts with this special Energy Healing & Beyond Giftaway organised by Leslie Benton from the USA launching very shortly and available for just a short time!

So if you’ve landed here after seeing my post on her Giftaway page, Welcome!  and if you randomly found this Blog post Welcome to you too!

My name is Eeshira Hart and I’m passionate about the power of breath, sound and movement as great tools to help us easily shift out of the mind and into the body that help us tune into a whole other level of awareness that also deepens our spiritual journey and, if practiced regularly, can be an awesome way of accessing deeper states of bliss in our body daily and accelerating our awakening too!

As many of you may know, everything within us and outside is vibration and even when the vibrations are a bit challenging, the good news is we can shift our energy and our physical, emotional, mental and even our spiritual state anytime we want!  One of the best tools we all have freely available to us is the voice and the second one is the use of scientifically-researched frequency that speaks directly to us that can help rebalance, uplift, energise, centre, ground & far more!

If you’d like to learn how to do this in just 10 minutes anytime, anywhere when you’re feeling a bit out of whack, then you’ve lovingly invited to receive my FREE Sonic Giftaway below & get access to a special “Raise your Vibration in just 10 minutes” guided meditation.  I will show you how to get hands on with a simple, yet profound technique that’s super handy for bringing you back to centre and empowering you to learn how to become your own healer, tuning into your body wisdom and letting your own breath, sound and movement guide the way!

Scroll down to the Energy Healing & Beyond FREE Sonic Giftaway and simply “Add to Cart”, then input your email address and you’ll be sent an email with the video link to watch anytime you like and repeat the practice anytime you like too!

Here’s to you having the best High Vibe Day whenever you’re ready to give that to yourself!

Joyful vibrations 2u

Transformation through the power of Sound


I’m Eeshi-Ra and I’ve been singing since I was a kid and have been working with sound frequency for over 22 years & with the voice since I was a kid!  I have been sharing this kind of sonic transformation with others for many years for physical healing (e.g. scar tissue, nerve damage, chronic pain, poor energy flow, limited mobility etc).  I now offer similar tools to benefit our mindset, by transforming fear into love, and replacing any lies we believe with the truth of who we are so we can more fully embody our Divine loving sovereign self!

Now more than ever, we are being called to step free of the past & the voice is one of the most powerful prayers we have available to us!  It’s been so exciting to see how my whole day turns around when I use easy to learn techniques.  It’s really helping me to live an even happier life!  I feel more fearless, trusting, uplifted, energised, empowered, expressive, abundant, loving and kinder to myself and others, and even more free to be me!

Come and learn how to tune yourself, become your own healer & raise your vibration in just 10 minutes!

I so look forward to welcoming you there!