So heartening to receive more positive feedback from a customer who purchased a 111Hz fork for her husband.

“My husband, (who had a shocking diagnosis of 4th stage metastatic prostatic cancer in the bones on Aug. 2), uses the fork twice daily on hip joints, spine, sacrum, sternum, and other place scans have shown the presence of cancer. He loves how it feels, very calming, and believes it is helping him as he is barely in any pain”.
– Corinne (USA)

He’s been so happy with the results, he’s bought quite a few more to give as gifts to his friends also suffering in pain.  What a lovely gesture!

This frequency is so potent because it stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, the body’s own natural pain relief.  This has been shown from research done by Dr Peter Guy Manners who has over 50 years’ experience in the sound healing world who also pioneered his own modality called Cymatherapy.

I’ve found it’s also faster than using other ways of relieving pain. It also shifts energy which is what I believe pain is – it’s energy trying to move! So grateful to have yet another happy customer! This is what gets me out of bed in the morning!

This frequency is available either as a 111Hz tuning fork available separately or in sets like the Activate your Light Body, Earthing or Sex Sonics forks here, or available in different tuning fork sound healing audios like The Unity Codes here, Earthing here and also in The 108 Gamma Codes here.  Scroll down and click on any of the icons to find out more.

This is also one of the main frequencies offered in my new Cellular Sonics tuning forks course shortly to be launched in early 2020 for all kinds of bodyworkers.

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