After producing the solfeggio sound healing audio called The Unity Codes back in 2009, I realised the other day that I haven’t really shared what makes that solfeggio sound healing audio so different to anything else you might have heard.  It’s always nice to share about all the love and healing focus that’s gone into creating this as otherwise, how else would you know about this sound healing audio that’s been used worldwide now for over a decade!

Unlike other audios out there that are computer generated, or just using 6 or 9 frequencies, this vibrates the full 18 frequencies in pairs just like I give in a tuning fork session, so the listener has the deepest possible experience and it can be used as many times as you like! What’s super helpful at this time is the brain reset it can give us too if we’re needing that, that helps shift us out of the reptilian brain’s “fight, flight or freeze” response back into a more harmonious state.

Hear from a group of ladies who experienced these frequencies through an Ambisonic 8 speaker spatliased surround sound system in the USA below.

Find out the top 10 ways that make these solfeggio sound healing audios so different here.

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