These are great when your clients are already in a deeply relaxed and blissed out space and you’re then going to use tuning forks onto the energy centres and meridian points on their head as I do in my Earthing Tuning Fork sessions as shown in my online course here!  Even though using them does dull the vibration a little, using them still transmits the fork’s vibration pretty well through them. This means you avoid touching your clients with the stem of the fork which can be a bit cold, and avoid taking them out of that deeply blissed out state they are in, and any temporary indentation of their skin too!

Rubber is also a natural substance and spheres are more gentle on the face and head. You can also use the spheres as fork activators if you want too! My Intro to Tuning Forks course is all filmed now. This is one of the photos from it! Just got the video edits to do, upload it and bingo it will be ready! Next up are my Intro to Sound Healing and Leading Sound Journeys online courses getting filmed too. If you’d like to know when any of these are ready, please let me know your email address!

Thanks so much. Wishing you a high vibe day wherever you are!

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