Many shamans when visited by a sick person who wants them to heal them, the shaman will “when did you stop singing?” and “when did you stop dancing?”

These are great questions, because dancing and singing can help us step back into the moment, help move energy, uplift our spirit, keep us vital and grounded too. I love this video about Tony Adkins who’s a neurosurgeon in California who’s helping patients move their body, shift their energy, make them smile and help them lift their spirits!

How can sound healing help?  Sound healing is like having your own private dancer, move through your body, vibrate your cells, move energy, clear out the past, re-balance and energise as it journeys through you, whether you’re listening to sound healing audios e.g. The Unity Codes that can help reboot your whole system to be more in tune, or Earthing to tune in more deeply with the natural vibrations of the Earth, or any of my guided sound healing audios (e.g. Breathing, Stress Relief, Self Pleasuring etc to deal with pain or low energy, or the strains and stresses of a busy life, or to help you access deeper states of pleasure; or better still using tuning forks that enables sound vibration to travel deeply into your body through your energy field and the bones of your whole skeleton from head to toe, or taking it deeper still by using your voice whether it’s for emotional release, or tuning in with key frequencies to clear chronic pain or poor energy flow, free up and energise, resetting neural pathways, clearing scar tissue, and ultimately enabling you to vibrate to a higher frequency using a simple intuitive body wisdom approach called Body Sonics.  More here.

What I love doing is empowering others to find solutions for their life using the beautiful abilities of sound healing!  I truly believe we are more powerful than we even realise, and with the gently vibrating potency of carefully chosen sound healing frequencies, we can co-create real lasting health and happiness for ourselves!

Wouldn’t hospitals be a really different place if more doctors treated patients like him!  Enjoy!