Increasingly these days, with the oncoming onslaught of 5G and the use of more and more technology: e.g. mobile phones, cordless phones, WiFi, WiFi peripherals e.g. speakers, keyboards, etc, SMART meters, SMART (not-so-smart!) homes, or even just the EMF radiation coming off a simple washing machine or radio in your bedroom, there is an emerging group of people are who very sensitive to the radiation put out by all this which can even produce intense burning on their skin.  Sadly, many doctors have just told them it’s a psychosomatic thing and it’s all in their head, but evidence is starting to show that this is really NOT the case and for the rest of us, just because we can’t feel it, doesn’t mean that there’s not a problem.

This group of people are now defined as electro-hypersensitive (EHS) to EMF radiation and many of them who often have big jobs e.g. doctors, teachers, CEO’s, lawyers, etc  are unfortunately having to leave their jobs, their town, their friends, their communities, and seek out places in nature to get away from the electrosmog that now shockingly plagues most of our planet and all life on it.  The natural vibrations of the Earth that you can sense when you’re walking in a forest, or on a beach, supports complete health, but now even these areas are so drowned out by this electrosmog which impacts our bodies and brains in multiple ways.

These EMF Refugees really do seem to be the CANARIES of our time.  Remember the canaries in the coal mine who would be taken down in tiny cages by miners and used as a quick indicator of the presence of gas because they would quickly die, and this would give the miners an early warning sign to leave the mine, before they too died.  It seems they are also warning us of the ever-increasing dangers of using technology and our addiction to it and 5G is just around the corner which is a lot stronger.  Going from 2.4GHz up to 50GHz and beyond.  This is utter madness and it has to stop, but the only way this can be done is if we all collectively agree that things need to change.  Does it mean that we have to leave such technological “advances” behind?  Could it be that there’s another way?  Yes with technology such as VLC (visible light communication), a simple change of frequency and obviously the infrastructure deploying that can be done to ensure we can still move forward without impacting not only the health of humans, but all life on it!

Sound healing can also be very helpful.  Increasingly we spend less time in nature, so it’s really important to find the time to tune in more deeply with the Earth’s natural vibrations.

We can harness the many sound healing benefits of precision-tuned tuning forks that use master frequencies and the Schumann (the Yang aspect of Earth that broadcasts in the ionosphere which is about 80km above our Earth) and the Geomagnetic that transmits from within the Earth (the Yin aspect of Earth).

Benefits include:-

  • Deep relaxation and more peaceful mind to aid deeper sleep
  • Reset and rebalance the brain
  • Uplift our mood and decrease the absorption of depression-inducing chemicals
  • Increased energy flow in the body
  • EMF protection
  • Increase melatonin production to boost the body’s ability to scavenge free radicals at a cellular level
  • Reduce neurological, cardiac, reproductive and carcinogen-based illness
  • Rebalance metabolism, body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, breathing, sleep-wake cycles, and hormone levels (Increase human growth hormone levels)
  • Enhance cellular growth
  • Increase immune protection and boosting immunity
  • Improve reaction times, boost memory and increase mental clarity
  • increase blood circulation to the brain and peripheral circulation in the body’s limbs
  • Reduce inflammation and muscle tension
  • Benefit Parkinson’s disease
  • Benefit wound healing
  • Stimulate ATP cellular energy with possible anti-ageing benefits
  • Access deeper levels of centeredness and grounding
  • Tune into a deeper connection with our body and its wisdom e.g. needing to drink more water, change diet etc,
  • Also spiritual benefits include: deepening meditation, and spiritual attunement to access deeper states of unity, inner connection, and natural feelings of bliss that are our birthright.

Clinton Ober in his book “Earthing” states that at its causal level, 85% of disease is caused by inflammation and research has shown that this is due to a lack of Earthing.

Please check out my pages on Earthing, whether it’s using the sound healing ability of tuning forks to tune your body in with the natural vibrations of the Earth here, or simply listening to the same frequencies of those tuning forks with nature sounds in an Earthing Sound Healing Audio here, or benefiting from the astronaut technology of PEMF here.

So what other options are there?

To find out more about the research that’s already been done and to understand the dangers more deeply, and the many things you can do today to ensure you sleep better, feel more energised, better mental focus etc, please check out my two other blog posts on this important subject.

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Find out more about EMF Refugess from my good friend Jeromy Johnson who’s an EMF specialist based in LA below.  There are also many links on this page to those business people who have had to take action to look after their health after being so challenged by the impact of electrosmog and it’s a very long list!  Jeromy also offers other resources like a list of global EMF quiet zones which are now popping up in many places to provide WiFi refugees with a safe space, but can they get there if they’re having to travel in electrosmog soup in the first place?  Hmm.  He also shares many solutions on his website that are known to be fully reliable, as it’s important to be aware that many so-called “EMF protection” products, are in fact scams unfortunately, and are wrongly giving people a false sense of security and are only working because of our belief/the placebo effect!  Is belief enough?  I’m very proud to call him a friend of mine! Please share if you know someone who’s going through this too. Thank you ? ?