Most every one of us at some time in our lives have challenging emotions that come up and if we’re like a child who’s just banged their knee, who immediately uses a really loud sound and wide mouth to release that pain, trauma and upset from their body, then we can release it in the moment, not holding anything back or keeping anything held inside, so we can get back to playing with our friends or getting on with our day.  If, however, as an adult, we’ve learnt to resist that natural instinct of the body to move that energy out, and instead held back those feelings, because we’ve been taught to be quiet, and keep it down, whether it was by our parents, a teacher, a family member, our friends or society in general, who told us that it’s not appropriate to show emotion, make sound, or noise, as it might upset or inconvenience someone else, a serious case of “not now Johnny”.  When these feelings are left unexpressed, we may often store that emotional, and sometimes traumatic experience somewhere in our body, which over time can cause physical issues like sluggish circulation, tension, stiffness, depleted energy, depression, physical pain, lack of groundedness, dissociation from what we’re feeling, and maybe we even feel literally “stuck” or generally dissatisfied with life because of what we’re holding onto.  This is why doing Conscious Emotional Release can be such a valuable thing.  Having a safe space to explore that stuck energy, those suppressed emotions, and those traumatic memories, by simply asking our body wisdom to show us how it wants to release it.

In addition, to offering sound healing since 2001, my background is also as a singer (since 1986), ceremonial energy dancer, bodyworker and breathworker for trauma release, so I understand how the voice combined with breath and body movement can be used to shift energy, not only very effectively, but also quite quickly too.  For over 15 years, I’ve developed different vocal healing tools and methods using specific sound healing frequencies, I’ve found very helpful in my own personal exploration and working with clients, that can really assist in reconnecting with that natural desire to express whatever is wanting to be expressed in a way that tells it like it is, in a raw, honest way, which can then clear out the past by witnessing it, owning it, embracing it, without a need to dwell on it or stay stuck in a negative loop.  We can then bring in fresh energy to help our hearts feel a deeper sense of love for ourselves and others, soothing those hurts or challenges we’ve faced, bringing in a renewed trust in life, and vitality too so we then move through it and beyond!

Having done a lot of research regarding the solfeggio sound healing frequencies (which are sourced from the full set of 18 Zobet frequencies), I’ve tuned in on a few that can really support us in powerful transformation.  These are given to the body in a combination of solfeggio sound healing chimes and solfeggio sound healing audio and tuning forks.

The first sound healing frequency can enable us to release emotions such as fear, guilt, shame and other negativity and help us feel more grounded in our body, more tuned into the Earth and our own Earth, our body.  Once we feel safe in a clearly held space, and we give ourselves permission to take the lid off, perhaps for the first time in our life, and when we allow our voice to express exactly as it wants to, with full loving acceptance, not only can this enable us to empower ourselves by getting all our cells to vibrate together, but it can also move a lot of energy, as we stay fully engaged with the energy moving through our body, just like a butterfly pushing air into its wings to break free of its cocoon!

These sessions are unlike other healing sessions, because the client stands throughout, instead of lying down on a table, so it’s far easier to stay fully present, and tune in to what they’re feeling in their body, and better navigate any energy shifts that are happening.  We work with opening the throat, neck, and whole upper and lower body areas, arms and legs, so that full spontaneous expression is more achievable.  The client is always the one who takes themselves as deep as they want to go!   When we ask the body how it wants to move, breathe, and sound, it’s so amazing to see how our inner teacher (in-tuition) guides us, and helps us unravel what I like to call “our tight rope” of contraction, fear, tension, stiffness, stuckness, reduced mobility etc.

The second frequency is used after energy has released, to bring in beautiful light, pure, gentle, loving vibrations to enable the body to re-energise and enable the client to uplift themselves beyond the hurt, the trauma, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges, to reset their connection to all that is, so they can wipe the slate clean and feel more love, more flow, ease, openness, etc.  This frequency also has the benefit of keying into the code found in the DNA of every cell in our body, so it helps us tune more deeply with our natural innate design, so we can tune into higher vibrations and embody even more light on a daily basis.  Where there is  more flow, freedom, clarity, space etc, then pain, suppressed energy flow, reduced mobility, etc can no longer exist.

The third frequency, after clearing out the past, and bringing in the new, can then help us re-balance, and reset our nervous system so we can expand, beyond the fearful contracted places of the past, and feel more spacious, energised, connected, and unified on a daily basis.  In truth, we are all One, and yet we may not feel this in our lives, but once we have a deeper experience of this, the mind can then let go, and as we soften into a more present state of awareness, we can then tangibly FEEL a deeper peace within that remains with us ongoing, as we move forwards in our lives.

I always like to say to clients “you can heal as soon as you’re ready” and every client who has fully committed to their own journey, has co-created amazing changes in their body, that some might call miracles.  I’ve been my honour to bear witness to the transformation of all those clients who have been turning up at my door, because they were ready to dive in, let go, feel more empowered, drop the mask, the limitations, the inhibitions and break through to a deeper place of embodiment, freedom and sovereignty.

I feel passionate about holding a space for those who are ready to move beyond their past, beyond what ails them, because where in society do such places for real unbridled FREE release really exist?  Where can we go to simply let the lid off, in a safely held space, and let it all hang out, however it needs to express, as loud as it wants to roar, without fear of judgement, or ridicule, where we might just shut down again, and take that pain and trauma deeper still inside ourselves?

If you feel called to release emotions that might be brewing inside you, bursting to come out, especially if you feel it’s affecting you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, and you’d like to have the support of sound healing frequencies that can help you not only release, but also help reset your system, and restore your vitality, helping you feel more IN TUNE with the REAL you, then I very much look forward to being of healing service to you.

This path is not for everyone.  It’s only for those who want to grab their health and power with both hands and step free into a new way of being!

The truth is our body and consciousness are always bursting to show us, to help us find our way back to ourselves, and all we have to do is say we’re ready, take a deep breath, step through that doorway, trusting on the other side lies our true childlike, fully alive & naturally-ecstatic SELF, and we have everything within us that we need to help ourselves find it!

This approach is also the basis of Eeshi-Ra’s pioneering way of healing the body using the transformative power of the voice, (Body Sonics) which has helped many clients clear physical issues such as chronic pain, poor energy flow, nerve damage, scar tissue etc.

To book your session today, available via Skype or in person, please click Book a Session with Eeshi-Ra or contact Eeshi-Ra and her team here.  If you’re not sure if this kind of session is the best choice for you, you can first book a 15 minute private Skype chat with Eeshi-Ra completely FREE, to see what might be the most helpful for you at this time.  If you’d like a 15 minute chat first, please state this on the form or in your message.  Thanks so much.

In Love and Truth


EESHI-RA HART (UK) is a sound healing practitioner, international speaker, breathworker, singer & workshop facilitator and is passionate about empowering clients to find a deeper sense of self, a more loving way of being, a more sensitive way of caring for our bodies and how to celebrate the truth, freedom and divinity that we all are!  Eeshi-Ra is passionate about offering a safe, healing space in which to explore our spontaneous expression and the natural wisdom of the body, combined with the healing power of the voice, sacred sound and many other tools to help us tune in more deeply with ourselves, the Earth and the Divine.  When we are more in tune, we can access the truth of who we are, and so fulfill the reality of one global family and heaven on earth.  For more info on Eeshi-Ra’s sound healing audios (Breathing, Stress Relief, or Self Pleasuring might be of interest here!), DVD’s, courses, sessions, sound healing ringtones, Body Sonics, Sex Sonics etc, please go to the home page of this website here:, or Eeshi-Ra’s,