Migaloo 2

Hi there everyone

Just thought you’d really appreciate this testimonial from a friend of mine who got a copy of The Unity Codes from me!  Because the solfeggio are the mathematical blueprint of nature (Phi ratio), they also speak to nature itself!

This is what she had to say:

WOW!!! Do you love it when nature gives you feedback?

Recently when I was staying onboard the ocean conservation yacht Migaloo 2 in Hervey Bay (thanks to Dean Jefferys I was blessed to have quiet time to play morning and night a sound healing CD developed by my dear friend Ashera Hart. Imagine my delight when the birds began vying to the mast top pole position every time I played the CD. I was also aware that more fish seemed to appear around the yacht. They were incredibly amusing and confirmation that the expansion and clearing I was feeling through the lulling angelic sound waves emanating could possibly be why the birds and other creatures were vying for pole position. Call it imagination or intuition, whatever, my feeling was that I wanted to be around this music and possibly so did they…. – Victoria M-W

To find out more about Dean’s work raising awareness about the plight of whales, dolphins and indeed all marine line, click here

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