WIFI: PROTECT YOUR HEALTH – Referred to by UK Radiation expert, Barry Trower as the smoking gun/Thalidomide of the 21st century!

Wifi and all other technology that is widely recognised now as being harmful to us, eg. mobiles, cordless phones, wifi-based peripherals (wifi keyboards, mouse , bluetooth headsets, speakers etc.)  is being used so widely now, with few of us stopping to ask whether that’s a good idea.  So many people I know use it, myself included.  Electromagnetic radiation (EMR or electrosmog) bombards the delicate bio-electrics of our body and accumulates in our cells and wifi is linked to over 4,5000 health problems e.g. cancer, impotence, infertility, birth defects, heart attack, allergies, headaches, irritability, memory loss, poor concentration, fibromyalgia, & the list goes on, but there are ways we can minimise exposure for our health and our children’s health.  For a longer list of health problems, click here – Health Conditions from EMR

Ex-Navy radiation expert Barrie Trower from the UK speaks out.

Don’t be fooled thinking that this kind of technology is safe.  Don’t believe what you hear in the media.  Most of the REAL research is censored.  Why? because it’s big business.  Is there priority to make big profits or protect our health?  I’m sure you can guess the answer to that!

What I don’t understand though is why so many people just aren’t interested if I bring up the subject.  They want the latest tech, the new iPhone (my iPhone 6S Plus when it came out was six times more radiation than the iPhone 4!), the wireless keyboard, Bluetooth speakers, the cordless phone & the list goes on.  Maybe they’re just too used to having the convenience of this kind of technology, but at what cost to their health, their kids, not to mention their neighbours upstairs, downstairs and across the hall!  It keeps the kids in the back seat quiet if they’re gaming on iPods doesn’t it! Shockingly in the UK, the “safety” level for radiation in terms of microwatts per centimeter squared is 5,800!  In the US and Canada it’s 580, which is ten times less, and in other countries the maximum safety level allowed is just 0.1 because that’s the actual level at which cellular damage is being shown to occur.  More here.  Let’s think about what we’re doing here and use our consumer power to create change.  The more people that realise something’s got to change, the more this will force the industry to change!  And Barrie Trower is not alone.  In 2002, over 1,000 physicians signed a global appeal alerting the public to the dangers of wireless radiation which was supported by over 36,000 people worldwide.  More here.  And in 2014, 50 scientists from 18 nations spoke out.  More here.

Low Energy from Mobile ICM

Reduced energy around power outlets

Reduced energy around power outlets

Using energy field imaging system
called EFI Photon Pro) – more below

So the PDF Barrie Trower wrote that’s designed to be used in a court of law is posted below and please share widely.

Why don’t you feel the effects?  Most of us are numbed out by our Western lifestyle without even realising it e.g. meat, wheat, dairy, toxic personal care products etc.  There are many things you can do to minimise your exposure, and I offer health coaching regarding this and many ways of maximising your energy, brain function and mental clarity on a day to day basis, together with technology you can get that’s scientifically proved to protect your body, so if you’re interested, check out my Health Coaching page here.  Sessions available via Skype.

What’s important about reading this information is not to get into fear about it, as what you focus on expands, but rather instead choose to be informed and do something about it!  To find out what an eminent American Doctor has to say and for uncensored research regarding EMR (electro-magnetic radiation), please scroll down.

THE ANTIDOTE?  HEALING with SOUND CAN HELP: The sound healing frequencies of the solfeggio that I work with are like the body’s system software because they are the Phi ratio in sound (based on the mathematical blueprint of the Universe) and they speak directly to our bones/DNA etc), and they can help reboot our system, clearing out dissonant energies like wifi.  To get your copy of The Unity Codes, see below or for the full range of different lengths/versions (including MP3’s (altho’ not recommended but smaller file size) click here.

This important documentary is vital viewing for everyone in today’s technologically-driven world or Google “Resonance – Beings of Frequency” since this video keeps on getting removed from YouTube.  I wonder why!


For the skeptics out there

Everything inside us and outside us is vibration.  If we’re given the correct vibrations to reset our body and surrounding biofield, then we can minimise the effects of the technology that we’re using.

The picture to the left is a scan taken of the human energy field before a 1 hour solfeggio tuning forks session.

Inventor and biophysicist of EFI Photon Pro energy field imaging system, Dr Rogerson said that this was one of the most impressive changes he’d seen in 15 years of researching the effect of over 450 therapies!!

Before and after shots comparing the different colour spectrums of light!


EFI Photon Pro is a software that is able to process the invisible spectrums of light unseen with the naked eye at a very high resolution to detect the state of the human energy field and highlight any energetic shifts after a session.  It is a very valuable tool if you are a sound therapy practitioner as it helps your client see the changes.

For a podcast with Dr John Rogerson and other interviews talking about the importance of health and the amazing effects of solfeggio frequencies, please click here.  Enjoy!

Want to see what some ladies in the US had to say about their experience after listening to just a 20 minute version of The Unity Codes.  Here it is!

Is there an alternative to wifi?  The answer is YES!!! click here for more info.

PDF download of Barrie Trower’s scientific paper, click here: WiFi A Thalidomide in the making who cares

What other technology can help us?

In early 2017, I got super inspired by getting introduced to the Swiss Bionic Omnium 1.   I had just an 8 minute session on it and within that short space of time, my whole body got warmer boosting my blood circulation and I could particularly feel the vibrations stimulating my knees, lower legs and ankles.  I got off the mat feeling centred, grounded and energised!  So now I’m excited to share this amazing gift for the Western way of life to you!   The Omnium 1 is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency mat (the healthy kind!) using NASA technology that is used by their astronauts in space to continue giving them all the life-enhancing vital vibrations of the Earth.  This PEMF mat comes with a chair-angled seat mat, an Android tablet and other optional extras are the Spot for direct joint or body area treatment and travel bag or backpack.  Just 8kg to carry with you wherever you go and the benefits are outstanding! e.g. increased energy, grounding/earthing, boosts circulation, aids detoxification, improved cellular function, emotionally uplifting, empowering, anti-oxidant regulation, decreases inflammation/pain in joints etc.  More in the videos below. To get your own, go here or here.

Update: YouTube interview with Barrie Trower

For uncensored research on the impact of EMR to the human body and our environment, click here and for some other initiatives to help the impact of EMR, go here.

To find out what highly respected American Dr Mercola has to say about wifi and many other things affecting our health, click here

TEENAGERS & MOBILES:  Did you know that the cranial bones in a young adult don’t fuse until they’re 21!  To find out why teenagers need to really avoid peer pressure in getting a mobile phone, check out this new book called “A Subtle Addiction” here

MOBILE PHONES: Want some science behind it? Check out Dr Debra Davis’ book “Disconnect”. I was at a talk of hers a year ago at a London University and this doctor certainly knows her stuff.  To find out more and get her book, click here.

HEADSET for your MOBILE: Want to protect your brain while you’re on a call?  Dr Mercola who I’ve been following for years who’s a major advocate for a healthy lifestyle, has a great new design for a headset here.

SMART METERS: These are the new electricity meters being forced upon us by the power companies and in certain countries judges are ruling that it’s against your human rights to have one forcefully installed so they don’t have to send out a meter reading person.  They are not good news and have many damaging health effects.  More info here.


Here’s the inside scoop from an ex-DHS (Department of Homeland Security in the USA) employee and it isn’t good!  Just like 5G, it’s microwave technology and it gave her and 28 of her colleagues cancer.  My gut always told me to avoid these scanners like the plague and ALWAYS opt for the opt out and go for a pat down with an airport employee instead.  They’ll try and talk you out of it, even bully you, make you wait, (add in 30-60 minutes to your airport check-in time), but we’ve only got one body and one brain, and if we’re not taking care of it, who is?