The Holy Grail DVD/video now available!

The-Holy-GrailHi there everyone

It’s official – so excited to share with you about my latest DVD available now as a video download!

Are you feeling like you need something to help rebalance you during this planetary shift as we move from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous?

Are you feeling stressed out, crying without reason, feeling aches and pains in your body and don’t know why?  The good news, is there’s a reason for all this!!

Has the Holy Grail been found? and what’s that got to do with Pete Townshend from the Who anyway?   So excited to share the amazing discoveries I’ve made and how the solfeggio sound healing frequencies are connected not only to the ancient civilisation of Lemuria 70,000 years ago, but also the Holy Grail!  The 3 hour video download concludes with a 15 minute sound healing attunement to help you integrate the info and feel these amazing sonic ascension codes for yourself!  This is to help us all get more in tune!!  For more info & to purchase, please go here or simply see below.

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