Everything is connected

Hey there everyone

Excited to share this Youtube video that shares a little about Marko Rodin’s work and his amazing free energy device, the Rodin Coil

Randy Powell is one of his students and this was a recent TedX talk

The frequencies of the solfeggio (Zobet) are based on the same number codes as Marko’s vortex-based mathematics and I call them “the system software” as they are great tools for helping us reboot our systems and get us back in balance.  If we return to our original blueprint, who would we be without our programming?  without our fear, our stress, our dis-ease, our worries?  We would become our fully loving Divine and peaceful selves and be set on a completely harmonious course which is what humanity needs right now if we are going to survive.  We are at a crossroads.  We need to make important choices that work.  Will you join me??  Did you get your FREE sound healing ringtone yet?  If not, click here.  Did you get your own personal copy of The Unity Codes to reboot your drive?  Different lengths available to suit your lifestyle & to purchase, click here.