and eating too much CHOCOLATE?

chochoholic Did you know most of us are protein deficient on this planet? In fact it’s an epidemic. If we are deficient in amino acids (the building blocks of protein) like tryptophan and phenylalanine, we are deficient in feel good brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine. If we are deficient in those, we develop certain cravings like caffeine (how many are addicted to coffee?), chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, sweets, starches, valium, ecstasy, heroin and the list goes on. The symptoms of that are low self esteem, depression, irritability/rage, negativity, stress, mood swings, sleep problems, low energy, lack of focus and concentration, attention-deficit disorders, obsessive/compulsive behaviours, hypoglycaemia, heat intolerance, fibromyalgia, SAD (winter blues) and more.

Contrary to what the meat industry tells you, meat is NOT a good source of protein. A plant-based diet can give you everything you need. The highest amount of protein we can actually get from meat is 22% whereas chlorella can give us up to 70% and it’s got to be absorbable (bio-available), otherwise the body can’t get that nutrition to your cells.  Good plant-based sources, are hemp protein, pea protein, chlorella or spirulina in a green smoothie, quinoa, beans/legumes, and fermented types of soya (but not tofu or soya milk as unfortunately they mess with your protein absorption due to their protein enzyme inhibitors) and many others. If we all knew that a simple adjustment in our diet would sort all this out, would we do it???

Please share this and help those you know at such a difficult time. 111Hz has also been found to be missing in the voice signature analysis of those who eat GMO food. Why? It is my understanding that GMO food is a food source whose genes have been unnaturally messed with or scrambled, so when it enters the human body, it also transfers that unnaturally manipulated genetic substance, and scrambles our genes, in addition to toxifying us too. GMO has been shown to raise our cortisol/stress levels through the roof. Another reason to eat organic and look after ourselves big time. People say they can’t afford it but are happy to spend money on other things which aren’t as important. You really can’t put a price on your health, brain function, energy levels, happiness or state of mind!

Tune In Bliss Out!

Tune In Bliss Out!

Eating a good source of protein EVERY day will literally keep the blues and most self-destructive behaviour away. I believe these are really important tools that can help us navigate the intense shift we are experiencing on this planet. We need to support ourselves in as many ways as we can. The correct non-toxic, organic, plant-based diet and lifestyle combined with sound frequency to rebalance the reptilian brain, fear-based fight and flight response of the body, in order to continually centre in on the loving and spiritual self that we all are. I’ve been into sound healing since the late 1990’s.

Take good care of YOU.  The world needs YOU.  It needs each one of us to support others going through the same intense path of transformation as we evolve as a species and reclaim our full spiritual, loving selves.

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