Tune In Bliss Out!

A yoga teacher I know in Bali recently suffered bad burns after an accident in the kitchen and because I no longer live in Bali, my sonic osteopathic friend (who has invested in some tuning forks from me) went to visit her and used one of her 111Hz forks.  She vibrated the fork on the bones nearest to the burn areas.  When sending vibration into the body, vibrating tuning forks on the bones (called bone conduction), means the sound travels 12 times faster than through air (i.e. from a tuning fork to your ear into your body), so it’s the strongest and most effective way of giving sound to the body to maximise the benefits.

The yoga teacher was so grateful because she found it really calmed her and helped her a lot, so much that she flew back to the UK with it!

111Hz has been used in the medical world since the late 1940’s for a wide variety of reasons, e.g. insomnia, relaxation, stress/anxiety, depression, pain relief, improving memory, learning disorders, better mental clarity, improved self-esteem, drug addiction and the list goes on!  It’s a great thing to carry in your bag when you’re on the go, just in case you need to de-stress, feel more energised or relieve a headache etc, and it’s easy to use anywhere, anytime you need.  I carry one with me everywhere, just in case someone needs some sonic relief!  It’s a great conversation starter and such a handy tool to add into your natural health kit too.

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