People say that everything inside us is vibration and everything outside us is vibration,  too and science has now concluded this to be true which is why sound healing in many of its forms has been widely in the medical world over almost a century!  The world of cymatics certainly shows us how sound can create form, but do the words we use really matter? and what about the energy behind the words too?

Many of you may already be familiar with Japanese water scientist Masaru Emoto who took water and played either heavy metal or classical or other music to it, or words like “Thank you”, “I want to kill you” or even water before and after prayer and then froze it and put it under the microscope to see what structure it had & how loving words always produced more harmonious symmetrical structures.

Many of you, however, may not know about the rice experiment he did. After 30 days of saying “I love you” or “I hate you” to the rice it definitely seemed to know the difference between those two statements. After a month, the “I hate you” rice had gone black and had a bad smell, whereas the “I love you” rice was sweet, and smelt nicely fermented. We are up to 83% water (skin) and 73% in our brain/heart. If thoughts can do this to water, and rice, imagine what thoughts can do to you? We are limitless beings and we get given a body, mind & spirit for this life and the rest is up to us!

#messagesfromwater #everythingisvibration