Wow I just watched a really interesting video with Gregg Braden talking about certain passages of the Bible that got removed which was later found in the Nag Hammadi papyrus scrolls in Egypt in 1945. I honestly believe these to be the keys to our empowerment and freedom. There’s a great passage in it about the power of prayer and manifesting – “Ask & ye shall receive“ so why does the asking sometimes not work? Because often, we don’t sit in the vibration of our wish made manifest or we beg for something, which sends out the wrong energy.

The passage originally said

“All things that you ask straightly and directly from inside my name you shall be given. So far you have not done this. Ask without hidden motive and be surrounded by your answer. Be enveloped by what you desire, that your gladness be full.”

What we really need to do is speak in the language that the universal field (or Divine Matrix) recognises.  The language of our heart creates powerful waves over 100 times more powerful than our brain (HeartMath Institute.  See more on this here).  If you create the feeling in your heart “as if” the prayer is ALREADY answered that creates strong electrical and magnetically attracting waves.  This is why I offer a powerful Heart Meditation during the Shift It 1 day Mini Retreats!

The Gregg Braden video is here with that info at about 12 minutes in: