Such an honour to be included in Jody Lloyd’s (aka Trillion) top 10 most influential sound healing practitioners.  It’s so wonderful to feel that others see you and all your heart work is worth it!

Jody and I have been on some great journeys with sound, holding space together to host a sound healing journey called The Frequency Shift, more here, filming for a sound healing documentary called “In search of the Perfect Frequency” that is yet to be released, sharing my many years of research with him and also offering sound healing recordings to use on his project “Perfect Freq” to create a sound healing album to help comfort and uplift the victims of the Christchurch earthquake.  For more on Jody’s projects, please go to

Here’s one of the interviews we did from that sound healing documentary

When specific frequencies are combined with loving intention is added to the mix, with prayers, affirmations, and other healing intentions during a session or creating a sound healing audio, it becomes a beautiful and profound tool for transformation.

To read more about how he rated me, please go here: