Had an amazing day yesterday, working with Somerset-based project Key 4 Life who support young offenders integrating back into the community after their time in prison and using my solfeggio sound healing chimes which are great for groups and working with larger bodies like horses! It seemed everyone enjoyed the solfeggio chimes when they got their shoes and socks off standing on the earth and they particularly liked the 111hz tuning forks! 

One of the horses we worked with had recently had surgery and he found the clearing and grounding frequency really helpful to shift his energy and he was stamping his feet as if he was helping himself clear and ground as I sounded that chime. He allowed the energy to go through his body, closing his eyes and moving into a deeper place of comfort and flow, but there’s still more work to do there. We then went off to the livery to meet the horses we will be working with on the weekend.  I love my work.  It’s more like play and I really love horses!  So excited that this young offender project is inspired to now incorporate the frequencies into their work and also help this reach into prisons too.  Yes sound can be so profound and helpful in so many ways for all of us, including the animals!

Thank you to Eva Hamilton and her team and my colleague and friend horse osteopath Eva Gaeremynck for journeying with me sharing our love of horses to create happier and healthier lives for them and those who love and work with them.

For more on Key 4 Life’s great work with young offenders, please go here: http://www.key4life.org.uk

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