528Hz528Hz HEALING SUCCESSES: It’s one thing giving you all some info about the 528Hz solfeggio sound healing frequency (in my previous blog), but really does 528Hz really work? In the early times of offering my cellular healing protocol Body Sonics, I met a lady accountant from Surabaya (Indonesia). In 2006, she had an accident with her left leg on a stone floor & lost consciousness causing swelling & pain. Her right leg was worse with a torn muscle & reduced movement. She couldn’t sit properly and could only walk a certain distance. She did the Body Sonics protocol 3-5 times x day for 5-10 minutes each session for just 4 weeks and got great results! The reason she was able to commit so well to the practice was because she is Muslim and she added it in after her prayers!  She had this to say about her experience:

I’m so happy now I can move more freely. I can even run on the stair and do longer travel. I’m going to continue working with this because I believe it worked a lot for me.  Surprisingly my left leg not hurt anymore, previously sooo painful. Besides that I like the session because it brings me back into alignment. It reminds me a lot about many things. Before I can help people around me, I have to heal myself”. To hear another success story of how 528Hz repaired a previous injury and gave Al his ability to play his guitar again, go here.

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