Dreamspell Mayan Calendar Jose Arguelles Calleman

When Jose Arguelles first invented Dreamspell it was and still continues to be used by many in the Alternative/New Age/New Edge movement and hailed as something quite wonderful and so many believe in it and have been impressed with it.

Given that it doesn’t align with the real Mayan calendar and Jose believes that there are 13 moons when in fact there is no proof of this and indeed if you ask any expert astronomer on the subject there is at most only 12.4 moon cycles a year.

It is indeed most important, especially at this time, to not believe all the literature you read.

As Jain of www.jainmathemagics.com says: “We are Pattern Hunters, looking for and investigating for clues that are based on timeless laws of the Universe’s cycles. Yes we know that the Fibonacci Sequence is fully laden with the cycles or periodicities of 12:24:60 and that is definitely connected to the Meru Prastera Triangle, and thus is a clue to Time Travel, Space Travel, Inter-Dimensional Travel… that is the next step, linking this Divine Mathematics to the Divine Sciences”.

It is important to align ourselves with truth and the Mayan Calendar expert Dr Calleman also does not agree with Jose Arguelles’ “invention” since it is not based on truth and for the full article click here