I really love chocolate and interestingly I’m just in the process of finishing off my 1st ebook about “Cutting the Ties” and thought it a great idea of add in a little treat at the back in suggesting how raw chocolate is really good for you and how it’s got the bliss molecule Anandamide in it etc etc but more recently there are some people in the raw food movement that are saying that maybe it’s not quite what the doctor ordered.  What d’you think?

There’s quite a lot of information just gone up on the internet about the dangers of cacao and I’m no scientist but it’s well known that chocolate is a stimulant because of the caffeine present and there is also the other stimulant theobromine.  This is the toxic chemical that will make most animals avoid it e.g. dogs and cats.  Due to some drying procedures it may also contain the toxic mould aflatoxin.

So is raw cacao a superfood or harmful stimulant? Although some raw food leaders highly promote cacao as something that should be revered as a food of the Gods, others have spoken out against raw cacao and raw chocolate. Who should you believe? Don’t be fooled by all the hype!

“Many people are being misled to believe cacao and other foods are healthy. Many of the people who promote it, have a good heart and really feel it is a good food, but I know there are many who sell this product knowing it is toxic and addictive, just to make money.”

Many raw food leaders including Victoria Boutenko, Dr. Doug Graham, Frederic Patenaude, Paul Nison, Jeremy Safron, Dr. Fred Bisci, and Dr. Brian Clement, have already come to the conclusion that raw cacao is not a superfood but an addictive stimulant. What do they know that you perhaps don’t yet know?

Raw Food/Vegan Chef Frederic Patenaude’s blog is here

There is an interesting page here on The Garden Diet’s website with a few videos on raw food experts’ opinions on the matter

And an article on the subject on the Living Foods website here

Dr. T has his say here

and I guess you can go on researching this interesting subject but one thing’s for sure whether these people are right or not, one thing is for sure, in life “everything in moderation” springs to mind and of course too much dehydrated organic food is going to dehydrate you too.  How long did it take people to work that one out!

Raw carob seems to win the day because it doesn’t have the caffeine but then of course if you’re a staunch vegan you might be finding it a challenge to find carob brazils (albeit cooked) without crushed beetle shells (shellac) glazing the outside of them!

It’s good to question everything in our lives to find out what’s true and ultimately what’s best for you.

I’ll of course allow you to make up your own mind and add a comment below if you like!

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