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Shocking information but really it’s nothing new and EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies) and the radiation caused by wifi, laptops, cordless phones (DECT), SMART meters (the new electricity meters the electricity companies want to install in ALL UK homes in the next 2 years.  Already outlawed in California and a judge has upheld that they are AGAINST human rights).

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Interestingly in Germany there is NO wifi in schools and the Government recently issued a health warning to their whole population saying that mobile phones should ONLY  be used in emergencies.

Food for thought!

How would your life be different if you chose to look after your health by reducing use on your mobile or getting rid of your mobile altogether.

What can you do?

Don’t use your mobile as an alarm – buy a cheap alarm clock instead and save your brain at night so it can produce the cancer-protecting melatonin.  Otherwise if you leave wifi, mobiles, DECT, many baby monitors etc powered during your dreamtime, you may not sleep so well and your body certainly won’t produce the melatonin.  This is why cancer doubles within 1 km of a mobile phone mast.  Research the Trower report or the Draper report.

Remove all cordless phones (DECT) from your house, they carry a health warning in many countries in Europe

Change your internet router to a wired/ethernet one and remove wifi from your home, including peripherals e.g. printers, mouse, keyboard, etc

Ask your neighbours to join you so you can ALL enjoy a good nights’ sleep