Get more in tune
with the Nature-All You!!!

(First edition with my old name Ashera!)

Since sound is an amazing tool for helping the body get back in tune on every level, Ashera Hart in collaboration with top NLP coaches, EFT experts and hypnotherapists are together creating sacred sound downloads working with the frequencies of the Zobet (solfeggio) to help you return to a more natural state of being.  Since the frequencies embody the Fibonacci sequence, it can help you reconnect more fully with your body, mind and spirit and also connect you more deeply with nature and your true spiritual self.  These meditation products are ideally played using headphones, although they can also be used through speakers in a group/workshop situation or as a space clearer to start your day on a great vibe!

These can be used by any age group for a wide variety of reasons so whether you’re  a busy working professional needing to de-stress, or a spiritual seeker needing to more deeply meditate, or an artistic person who wants to get creative, or someone who wants to get more in tune with themselves or a teenager needing some quality enhanced learning time or perhaps you’re a lady who’s pregnant and you need to take some quality time for you, there is something for everyone!

Harmonise your whole being in a  1 hour sound healing journey with the bliss-full crystal clear frequencies of Zobet (solfeggio) tuning forks and gently calming ocean waves to help prepare you for 2012. The Zobet frequencies harness the Universe’s sacred sonic light language and natural Phi ratio (or Fibonacci sequence – the real Da Vinci Code) to harmonise the Phi ratio in your body (bones/DNA etc) to help tune your body’s energy vibration to the Earth’s natural vibrations and help you access your Divine blueprint and feel more peace, fulfillment & unity within. Let your body remember this Divine connection and birthright and so assist you in your ascension process for 2012. 111Hz is also known from research in Russia and is used widely in Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) and Neuro Electric Therapy (NET) to help release beta-endorphins (good for pain relief) & is known to help stress, depression, addiction, insomnia, etc. 111Hz also takes you into a Theta brainwave state which is great for deep relaxation/meditation, enhanced visualisation/dream recall, problem-solving, creativity, super-learning, reprogramming your mind & much more!! Best listened to on headphones and used once or twice a day for 2-3 weeks to maximise the benefits & thereafter as required. Please read the guidance notes on the inner sleeve before use & drink sufficient water before and after listening. High quality audio .wav or MP3 download available.  The wav file is the highest choice for the best results!

This download is NOW available in either high quality .wav format (recommended) or high quality (192 kbps) MP3 format.  Enjoy!

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The Unity Codes sample

Testimonials include:-

“I am glad I followed the instructions about drinking water, as I felt really thirsty both before and after..…. My intuition tells me that this sound healing has been a big part and acceleration of clearing of old wounds and patterns. From the very first session & the first sound of the sea & the tuning forks, I felt resonant with the sound frequencies – I am very glad to have this extra tool”
– Robert H., UK

“The experience that I had with the CD was profound. I felt tingling sensations throughout my body. I would feel relaxed and connected to my body. Listening to the CD for a week straight I noticed my eating habits had changed, my body was asking for more fruits and vegetables, I was drinking more water. I think what worked is listening to the CD for a continuous length of time, like a week or more, because it would build on itself from the days before”
– Soleiman B. – Student, USA

“When I was first fortunate enough to witness Ashera the impact of her work was instantaneous. Witnessing her channelled voice sent a healing resonance that cut through the blockages in my body, going straight to the core of my being. I have since been using the Zobet Codes and feel that it has been instrumental in shifting me into a frequency of harmony, focus and joy.
– Adam Shaw,  Walk Innovation, UK

When Ashera began to apply the use of the frequencies during a group attunement, it was as if my BEing was already familiar with communication through the frequencies. I instantly began to feel myself smiling beyond the smile on my face. There was a sense of ‘knowing’ beyond my current intellectual understanding. My energy body enlivened by the sounds to the point of overwhelm, followed by the overpouring of tears cascading in ecstatic bliss. Words cannot encapsulate the experience. If you are feeling drawn to work with Ashera and the frequencies I would recommend that you explore that calling (smile)”.
– Kyla Williams, Innerlight Pregnancy, UK

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