Tragedy unfolding in Japan

Well for those of you who are concerned about the tragedy that’s occurred in Japan at Fukushima, you might like to read the pdf attached below and a link to the world’s worst nuclear disasters here!  How long is it going to take before humanity realises that a bit like a scorpion who will sting you even if you are carrying it across the river because it’s in its nature to sting you, nuclear powder/radioactivity is always going to come back and bite you at some point!  Can we now awaken and do what really works and is beneficial not only to ourselves but to this amazing planet we live on!  Let’s do what works so we have a future for everyone.  Time to take the power back!

Fukushima deaths

and also check out the Facebook group with the strongly named “FUK Radiation” (link is here).

One thing is for sure what the media is telling you is unfortunately not the full picture and if you’d like advice on tips of how to look after your body at this challenging time, for you, your friends and family and would like information on some important things you can do today, then please feel free to book a health coaching session with me via Skype.  Please email me here.

There are many things you can do to safely remove any radiation from your body and ensure you have a happy, healthy and long life!

Thanks for your interest and please feel free to network this information as widely as possible.

Together we make a difference and now more than ever is the time to AWAKEN!

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To the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change:
“We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the plan by EdF to construct a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in Somerset. Instead, a government-backed programme of energy saving and clean renewable energy would combat climate change and avoid the risks of a catastrophic accident, dangers to health and the storage of highly radioactive waste at Hinkley for 160 years.”

Food for thought – A musician friend said to me once “put your energy into what you are for not what you are against.” And then I realised that what I focus my mind on always increases.

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