The ancient sacred sound of the Zobet

Tune-In In!!!

The frequencies I work with work in pairs and they all have a difference tone of 111Hz.

Paul Devereux is a very well-known professor from Cambridge in England who calls himself an archaeo-acoustician (a cross between being an archaeologist and an acoustician

[a researcher into sound]) and has visited ancient burial /neolithic/megalithic sites and temples, pyramids, etc., and analysed them from a sound point of view.  He’s discovered that in Ireland there are a series of burial mounds called Cairns, and despite the fact they’ve got them all around the country and they’re made of different materials, different sizes, the linings of them are different, they ALL resonate at ONE particular frequency. The predominant resonant frequency is 111 Hz. So it suggests that these structures were built to enhance sound rituals for burials and then he decided to take it one step further to see what happens to the briain when it’s exposed to 111Hz.  So he asked some of his friends, a bunch of students, to be analyzed and fed different frequencies to see what would happen to their brains on an MRI scan. And guess what? At exactly 111hz it switches off the pref-rontal cortex in your brain so you completely go into a trance. So they obviously knew 5.000 years ago that this particular frequency would put you into this space where you are in a trance/heightened state of awareness, and therefore in a shamanic trance with everybody else in this space.

This was the subject of a Channel 4 documentary entitled “Sounds from the Stone Age” back in November 2001, which was part of the “Secrets of the Dead” series and you can get his book entitled “Stone Age Soundtracks” here. People like Brian Barritt, Depeche Mode and Heaven 17 band members have been inspired by this and gone on to create the project called Future of Sound. Brian Barritt even wrote a book inspired by this topic with a print run of ONLY 111 copies! Future of Sound was set up by Martyn Ware of Illustrious Company (who is also a founder member of Human League and Heaven 17) continues to provide a platform for this cutting-edge sound technology in the mainstream.

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