Introductory talk on Solfeggio Sound Healing

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Solfeggio Masterclass by Ashera Hart

Doors 7.15 for a 7.30 pm start (Finishes 10 pm)

featuring a keynote slideshow with Q & A session

Suitable for both beginners and advanced

Topics covered include:-

  • Where the number codes of the solfeggio (Zobet) come from?
  • What did Ashera discover in 2006 as published in Jason O’Hara’s book “The Blueprint of Creation”
  • How do they relate to what’s mentioned in the movie “Contact” with Jodie Foster?
  • How do they relate to Dr Peter Plichta’s work, author of “God’s Secret Formula”?
  • Which cultures relate to these ancient codes? (from Lemuria
    [pre-Atlantis], to present day
  • The Hopi prophecies and why they are so vital now
  • 2012 & what’s happening now
  • What’s Ascension anyway?
  • What did Da Vinci hide in his paintings?
  • What does Tesla have to say?
  • The Phi ratio/Fibonacci and how this all relates to the human body (bones/DNA)
  • What’s the energy system of the human body, earth and our solar system?
  • What kind of sacred geometry do the frequencies create?
  • The effect on our DNA
  • The effect of the frequencies on water (Masaru Emoto’s work)
  • How they relate to the four energies of creation
  • The effect on the brain
  • Which therapies have used these frequencies since the 1940’s
  • The significance of the Last Supper painting?
  • The truth about the mark of the beast & the number 666
  • Crop circles and what is nature telling us?
  • What you might be feeling/symptoms of the Shift
  • The importance of a healthy diet/detox & using sound to shift
  • What’s their connection to the Holy Grail?
  • The effect on the human biofield
  • How the body naturally hears – not 5.1, or 7.1 surround etc
  • Why they are such amazing healing codes for humanity with the shift occurring on the planet

PLUS: some new and very exciting research Ashera has just discovered!!!  Come and journey down the rabbit hole!

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Want to hear what fellow sound healer and friend Tim Wheater has to say about Ashera’s work?  see below.  If you can’t view the video, please click here