Well many of us may choose to ignore the increasing levels of frequent-see in our life through technology and maybe also question whether they’re actually safe.

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What do we choose – convenience or a truly healthy life?  What do we choose for our kids? and the generations to come …  See www.wiredchild.org for more information on supporting your children’s future.

Here is some up-to-date information and some of the best researched information you’ll probably ever read courtesy of Ingrid Dickenson of  www.earthbreathing.co.uk and for more information on tuning in with our planet.

Safe frequent-sees?

What you can do to protect yourself & your family.

Whenever possible go back to a wired connection, no wires always mean that the signal must travel through the air and in most cases this is a microwave transmission. Does the `convenience’ of no wires make up for the threat of future health problems?
Electro pollution continues rising above levels which were quite unimaginable, say twenty years ago. 50Hz systems from overhead/underground cables and transformers to mains operated electrical appliances and wiring produce pollution in several ways. It includes RF radiation from radar, tetra, broadcast antennas, mobile communication systems and more.

Few people realise we have a medical profession that receives no training in this area of investigation and who simply follow Government guidelines. Most scientific organisations are supported by Government industry or both; whistle blowers are dismissed, whilst Governments, industry and those institutions under their control find it in their own interest to ignore many, many thousands of scientific and medical research papers. A large number have been written by some of the world’s top scientists in this field, totalling more than five decades of research, showing all biological systems can indeed be affected both positively and detrimentally by electromagnetic fields. 

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Is Electromagnetic-pollution making you ill?

Problems & links to solutions

Growing numbers are becoming seriously ill due to emissions encountered at home, workplace & school.

Some of the symptoms affecting more & more people

Sleeping difficulties – Irritability – Chronic fatigue – Allergies

Muscle aches weakness – Headaches – Nose bleeds – Nausea

Dizziness – Flu like symptoms – Tinnitus – Depression

Sensitivity to chemical products – Blurred Vision

Burning, itchy or tingly red skin – Short-term memory loss

Inability to concentrate – Behavioural problems in children

Cancer – Heart attacks & strokes – Auto-immune diseases.


Electromagnetic Pollution Within the Home

Electromagnetic pollution is increasing alongside increased cases of cancers, brain tumours, autism, childhood leukaemia & Alzheimer’s. Many other diseases are linked to EMF’s

[Electromagnetic Fields].   Protests often occur over the growing number of mobile base station antennas mounted close to residential properties & schools, but symptoms attributed to exposure from wireless devices such as DECT, Bluetooth, & wireless local area networks (WLAN or WiFi), are the same as those reported by people living in the vicinity of mobile-phone masts. In fact, radiation levels from devices such as digital cordless phones, wireless computers, wireless modems & mobile-phones, along with other communication devices, can be far greater than those entering the home, school or workplace from communication masts. Those already suffering from the same symptoms, including those who don’t `yet’ might be wise to study the information given on the websites listed. Yes, of course there could be other reasons for those symptoms, and good reason we should look at all possibilities. Sadly, so many doctors endeavour to treat the symptoms not the cause!  Our own need to be wireless can also affect neighbours, pets and wildlife in the garden. It was demonstrated that electrosmog could affect the honeybee.    During a recent experiment bees leaving a hive became disorientated after a DECT base station was placed 1 metre away from the rear of the hives front exit/entrance and switched on for only 5 minutes. When switched off, the bees returned to normal activity shortly afterwards.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Phones [DECT] 

DECTs produce powerful microwave radiation from their base units 24/7 even when not in use. DECT & Wifi signals easily travel into adjacent buildings & gardens & can easily affect those sensitive to this damaging radiation.  An alternative is the “Orchid Phone” as it emits zero microwave radiation when not in use, & reduces its power levels by up to 75% depending on how far away you are from the base station.  Contact, lowradiation.co.uk. A safer option – revert back to the normal phone plugged into a landline socket. 

Wi- Fi also called Wireless LAN [wLan]

Wi-Fi allows computers to link to the Internet wirelessly through local area networks.  The wireless market is growing fast with new, more powerful devices such as the Home Hub now being offered “free”. And indeed they are extremely efficient in supplying WiFi coverage for internet, DECT and mobile in and around the home `conveniently’ from one device, which acts like a mobile phone mast inside the home, pulsing 24/7.  But higher efficiency means stronger electromagnetic radiation and devices like the new home hub from BT is said to produce radiation levels 10 times higher than other units, thereby reaching further, which is the whole point.

It is not simply a question of the power level from one device, but the total power emitted from all other units in the home, classroom, or workplace. Not forgetting transmissions from nearby cell phone, TETRA and Wi-Fi masts penetrating the building, as well as radiation from neighbour’s devices.

Digital Wireless Baby Monitors

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications [DECT] is the standard used for many baby monitors & can emit radio frequency fields of 6 volts/per metre, or twice as strong as those found 100 metres away from a mobile phone mast. For comparison the maximum recommended 2002 Salzburg indoor level for GSM is just 0.02 volts per metre. Such monitors are certainly not safe when placed 1 metre or more from the child as some suppliers suggest. Digital technology, due to its ‘pulsed’ nature seems to be more harmful at lower levels of power than the older analogue technology.  Understandably, babies or young children are at more risk than adults from any form of pollution, especially electro-pollution! Children have no choice; you make the choice for them. Therefore isn’t it better to play safe now than regret it later?

Energy-saving CFL bulbs & fluorescent tubes

The EU ban on incandescent lamps may leave hundreds of thousands of vulnerable sick & disabled people in the UK unable to safely use electric light in their homes. Light sensitivity can arise from a range of health conditions, including the genetic disorder Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP), the auto-immune disease lupus, forms of eczema and dermatitis, photosensitivity, ME, electrosensitivity and many more. Doctors say more people are complaining of itching, burning and skin inflammation after exposure to the bulb’s ultraviolet light. Common symptoms are severe stinging, burning and itching of the skin, along with red rash. CFLs each contain 5 milligrams of mercury and when broken present a health hazard. Vast numbers will be dumped on landfill sites, risking the contamination of future water supplies.  Decision makers are seemingly lacking knowledgeable foresight.