The Love Beam at Essense

OneSpirit is a collective of wonderful people who are giving their time, love and support for free whose focus is to create sacred space to take the club experience to the next level.  I have been part of this collective for many years and in the very early days I offered the frequencies of the Zobet during the global meditations.  They now use the power of the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet (solfeggio) during a ceremony called the Love Beam where we all join together as one and send out our healing and loving intention with the power of our voices.  It is a wonderful moment when you can truly tune into the unity that connects us all and really feel it!

The collective was previously called Essense and their first public event was the Winter Solstice gathering on 18 December 2009 at a club in Brixton and it was a magic-All night for all those who came!  There were many amazing DJ’s and artists inspiring us all!

If you would like to get involved, please email Jane Weller ( and you will also find OneSpirit on Facebook here.