Tune into your divine design!

Hi there everyone

 Just letting you know that we have had to change venue and our dates for our sound healing solfeggio journey.  They are now this coming Friday 15 June and Friday 20 July 2012
at The Skylight Centre, 49 Corsica Street, London N5 1JT (nearest tube Highbury & Islington

[Victoria line]) (N.B. The venue for 20 July may be The Skylight but we will confirm this shortly)

So if you’d like to de-stress from your day, maybe get more in tune with yourself and feel the oneness within, come join us on this healing journey and be surrounded with divinely-tuned nature’s very own solfeggio crystal bowls, tubular bells, ethereal windchimes, special alchemically-created tuning forks, and shimmering copper xylophone merged with the sounds of the planets, outer space, nature, 111Hz gong, divine cosmic gongs, shamanic drums, voices and percussion in a sacred space to calm, nurture and re-energise,

We will dive into the ocean, to journey underwater with dolphins, whales and then up into the cosmos with planetary & space sounds and then bring you gently back to earth with sounds of the rainforeset, exotic birds, shamanic drums and more!

These group experiences are called “Sound baths” because you are completely surrounded/bathed in sound, while remaining fully clothed, laying on the floor. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, cushion and water for your journey and it’s good to drink at least one glass of water before journeying with us.

It’s a big space so plenty of room for everyone so bring your friends, family and those who are perhaps just a bit curious about sound healing! I will also be playing my newly-acquired solfeggio windchimes featuring 7 of the Zobet (solfeggio) tones. They are exquisite!

As before the evening starts at 7.30 pm and we recommend getting there for 7.15pm to get a good space.
Come and journey deeply into your own divine design and get more deeply in tune with your body (DNA/bones etc), the earth, our solar system & the divine in a sacred space that we create to calm, nurture and re-energise.
For more info, please go to:-
The new venue is cheaper so concessions/advance reduced to just £12/£15 on the door. (Concessions – please bring proof)
Book now via www.meetup.com/sound-explorers

We look forward to welcoming you there for some sublime sonic exploration!!!
sonic peace 2u all

The Sonic Enchantment Family
Tune in Bliss Out!
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