Hey there

Just thought I’d let you know about my collaboration with Elan Rosenman of Soun3D in San Francisco.

We studied together at the Sound & Consciousness Institute in San Francisco in 2007 and since Elan is working with cutting-edge use of ambisonics and I’m working with potent sound healing frequencies, we have decided to collaborate, creating transformational audio for you to journey into nature  as you’ve never heard it before on headphones!  Feel as if the magic of the forest, the ocean and dolphins are right there with you!  Three different time formats available.  These 3D Ambisonic mixes are specially-created ‘binaural’ audio files.  The technique used approximates the immersive sound-field experience of Ambisonic surround sound.  Cupped headphones recommended for the best experience.

For more info on this amazing technology, please check out my Downloads page here and sample audios below.

Sample 1 from the beginning 3D_Ambisonic_prv1.mp3

Sample 2 towards the end 3D_Ambisonic_prv2.mp3

and below there’s also an interview with Elan about his work


There are 3 different lengths to choose from:

either 20 or 40 minute or if you’ve got longer then you’ll probably want the 1 hour version.  Click here