KEYNOTE presentation by Ashera Hart

SOLFEGGIO: Exploding the myths to find the magic

A deeper exploration of the maths, gematria
and science behind these number codes”

Friday, 26 September 2.15-3.30 pm Room 250

Brain and the science behind the ZobetExcited to let you all know that I have been invited to present at the Globe Sound Healing Conference.

My first talk is hopefully setting the record straight about many common confusions and misunderstandings regarding the Zobet frequencies that the solfeggio are sourced from.  Currently many I believe are allowing themselves to be distracted by this instead of focusing on the real benefits they offer to humanity at this time.

There has been increasing confusion in recent times on the internet about these number codes so if you’re curious to move beyond the hype, experience a lifting of the veil (the real apocalypse!), then come journey into the divine blueprint of the Universe and discover why these number codes can be so useful for humanity at this time of planetary crisis and evolution.

  • Who would we be without our programming?
  • What if there was a series of number codes we could convert into sound and give back to the body to help us to activate our full potential?

When we are completely in tune we make better choices and sound is a potent tool we have available to us to help our species survive.

This presentation will also include a brief introduction to Body Sonics.
How you can become your own healer using the power of the voice tuned to these amazing healing number codes!

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