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AstroFlash! Jupiter Chiron Neptune conjunct in Aquarius May 23-27, July 10-22, December 7-21 2009

Effervescent excess
expansive quest.
Extreme ideals, expectations
taking a risk.

Beyond the usual boundaries
incredible inspiration
and discontent.

Twilight froth 
dissolving dreams
confusion intoxication.

Veiled mirrors
blind faith
assumed trust.
Dramatic longings
questioning reality.

Mystic mashup:
Cloud of unknowing and visionary brilliance
Discrimination and amazement.
Clarity and fanaticism.
Analysis merged with intuitive vision.

Compassion, sympathetic understanding,
seeking truth and justice.
Collective cause
reactionary fears
social reform, 
faith and values,
global consciousness.

birth of new faith
saving grace

Kalalau - Kauai

Kalalau Valley, Kauai, Hawaii
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Jupiter and Neptune represent a 13 yr cycle of the urge towards transcendence (1843 was the last time Jupiter and Neptune were conjunct in the sign of Aquarius.). This time aroundChiron joins the dance and adds the imperative towards healing a collective wound.  Perhaps an uprising of innovative visions for our global dilemmas. Loss gives birth to innovation. Spiritual crisis to gives birth to social obligation. Technology, art, inspired vision and healing are highlighted. A heightened opportunity to hone the clarity of our intentions. An important cycle of spiritual renewal and creative inspiration. There is always a wide range of responses to any astrological event.

Note for those born between September 1954-February 1955, July-September 1955, and February-August 1956: the conjunction is opposite natal Pluto. This is a significant year of questioning power, intuition, illusion, consciousness, teaching and truth. Beyond questioning is confronting life changing decisions in regards to the issues at hand.

In contrast, keep in mind that Saturn and Uranus continue in opposition (exact five times: November 4, 2008, February 5 and September 15, 2009, April 26 and July 26, 2010). Depending on your own  individual chart, your own focus may be drastically different. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is also breaking new ground, transforming bulwarks of power that were once considered beyond indestructible. 

Jupiter Chiron Neptune Contemplations and Actions ~

What touches and inspires you at this time?

Where or how are you disillusioned?

What is needed for growth and healing?

Take action: Tell Congress not to Force GE Crops on other Countries

Take action: Tell Congress to pass tough chemical security legislation

Take action: Urge the FCC to stop dragging its feet and protect out migratory birds

May we find compassion and clarity in the Mystery,


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– Heather Thornton”
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