Many people are talking about this symbol and some saying it’s not an important symbol and even going so far to say that it’s limiting us in some way. For them to be right, it would mean that the very division of our cells at the point of conception and how nature duplicates itself in order to create life would have to be wrong!!! and it’s really important to ask the question why is that kind of information circulating on the internet right now?  A very good question!!  It seems that there are people out there to misinform, confuse and even take us away from spiritual tools that can be of such immense importance to us especially at such a massive time of change.  The beauty of this symbol is that you can visualise it wherever you are, with no need for anything external and create instant change to benefit our reality.

Double Flower of Life CoverI’ve been working with this symbol for well over 15 years in all my healing sessions, in clearing space, in the sacred sound encoders for putting tuning forks on or clearing the energy on a massage table to create the highest field of energy for healing, as the frequencies I work with are based on the same blueprint of creation. It’s important to know however that there are different levels of using it. If I have a 2 dimensional wall hanging or altar piece that’s a great way of bringing that energy into any space, but if I have it in 3 dimensional form, then it starts more deeply interfacing with the cellular structure and pranic energy field of my body and my client’s.

I’ve even used this symbol on the street when a fight was starting to go off. All you have to do is simply ground yourself, bring in a spherical Flower of Life into your body, into your heart and then send it out to wherever disharmony is happening.  As the spherical structure reached the energy fields of the two guys who were just about to muscle into each other, their energy softened and the bigger guy who was just about to attack the other, dropped his fist and said “Oh, really sorry, I didn’t want to do that” and the whole fight never happened.  We can be really powerful agents of change so do try this at home, or wherever you feel the need for an evolutionary tool in your life.

The most common example of a 3 dimensional Flower Of Life globe is seen in Beijing (see featured image at the top), under the claw of a fierce Foo Dog found in the Forbidden City, that is protecting or guarding the ancient knowledge embedded in this hyper-dimensional geometry. This particular sculpture is actually from Hong Kong.

3D Flower of LifeBoth this symbol and the sound healing frequencies of the Zobet (where the solfeggio come from) are the same blueprint and are major keys for our awakening because they can help us tune back into that natural state of balance, harmony and unity/connection with everything. They can be really helpful at a time of such intense planetary destruction, mental confusion, emotional upheaval and stress for many is at an all-time high. I’m going to be offering a very simple Flower of Life meditation in my sound healing app so look out for that when it launches! Are we ready to step into the next stage of our evolution? A one world family based on love, peace and respect for all life? I keep on envisioning that, praying for that and taking my attention away from the major distractions of our world. The crazier it becomes, the more we will need to go within and the Flower of Life seen in 3 dimensional, spherical form is going to be one of the best change agents for the crazy and amazingly transforming world we live in! We can do this! More coming soon. Stay tuned. 🙂

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