I have just been posting on a thread on Facebook where people are talking about feeling really tired and I’ve mentioned about the physical & energetic challenge of wi-fi, mobiles etc so thought my readers here would also appreciate having these tips too! Ok so as many of you know, I’ve been working with the power of sound frequency for over 16 years and I know a lot about how we can reduce the impact technology has in our lives so here are some tips to help you energize, sleep far better and feel more comfortable in your body.

  1. Turn off your Wi-Fi at night or better still get a cheap timer so you can just programme it and forget about it or even better, get a cabled ethernet connection.  Here are the tips on how to set up a non-wifi ethernet connection ensuring you deal with the dangers of that too.  More here: https://www.emfanalysis.com/low-emf-internet-connection/.
  2. If you’ve got a cordless phone, replace it with a cheap corded phone and definitely don’t have one by your bed or anywhere near where you’re sleeping.
  3. Turn off your mobile at night or at least have it in airplane/flight mode and buy a separate alarm instead of using one on your phone.  More on why mobile phones are not as convenient long-term as we might think here: https://www.emfanalysis.com/new-paradigm-emf-science/
  4. Replace all of your Wi-Fi peripherals with cabled ones – your printers, speakers, keyboard, mouse – everything
  5. Refuse to have your electricity company install a smart meter
  6. Use an external keyboard for your computer instead of touching a metal frame of the computer if you’re using Wi-Fi. Metal conducts radiation so you are more directly connecting your body to the Wi-Fi if you’re touching the metal
  7. Avoid using most “earthing” mats which are available for your mattress or feet as the technology is flawed. check out www.EMFanalysis.com. this guy is a friend of mine – Jeromy Johnson – and he knows all about the devices that actually work. he’s just done a TED talk about Wi-Fi
  8. Do not keep your mobile phone in a pocket of your clothing. Carry it in a bag which is at least an inch away from your body.
  9. Use the speakerphone when making all mobile calls where possible. Does anyone know of a safe headset that actually works
  10. Reduce your use of metal as much as possible in your home and avoid eating with metal cutlery unless it’s silver as that shields the body. Same goes for wearing metal jewellery particularly around your heart and thymus area, removing piercings too especially in Dantien/hara/belly button area
  11. Use Plasmonic technology that uses photon energy to harmonise the negative impact of EMF’s if you can get it
  12. Muscle test (using kinesiology) all stickers you might have stuck on your phone bought from a company who says it gives you protection. Most of them are scams.
  13. Never sleep with your iPad, tablet or laptop on your bed
  14. If you have a child or teenager make sure they use any laptop on a desk and not on their lap as they may mutate all their eggs or sperm before they have even reached puberty (Barrie Trower’s research)
  15. If you have children make sure if they use your mobile for games that they ONLY use it in airplane mode and never pair devices in the car on a long journey. The car is a metal cage and the cranial bones only fuse around the age of 21, so radiation travels far deeper into their brains than adults.
  16. Avoid peer pressure to buy your teenager a mobile or if you do cave in, then please make sure it’s in the top 10 safest mobile phones.  iPhone 4 is 6 times safer than the iPhone 6s plus.
  17. Ask your neighbours what the range is of their wifi router to find out how much it overlaps your place. Most routers are 100m. That’s a lot of routers impacting your dreamtime if you’re living in an apartment. Buy all your neighbours timers, so they can turn off their wifi at night too. Everyone will sleep a lot better!!
  18. Avoid wearing metallic jewellery, eyewear and amalgam (mercury) dental fillings as these all increase radiation absorption beyond the measured SAR (specific absorption ratio) in a lab.
  19. Avoid having a mobile phone next to your skin (eg in a bra) or in a pocket, next to your heart etc.  Minimum safe distance in the small print in your user manual is 5mm = 2 inches.
  20. Ensure you use a safe headset to negate the impact of EMF’s to your head with these safer headsets here.
  21. And the list goes on….. Hope that’s helpful.  For more on the benefits of sound frequency that can help rebalance, de-stress, energize, uplift etc, please check out this website, and click on the following words, particularly the sound healing audios here & more under Shop here, mobile phone ringtone here, eBook, tuning forks etc, and please feel free to share with your friends and family too. More on wifi and EMF’s here

and here’s another informative video here. with more info and tips

THE ANTIDOTE?  HEALING with SOUND CAN HELP: The sound healing frequencies of the solfeggio that I work with are like the body’s system software because they are the Phi ratio in sound (based on the mathematical blueprint of the Universe) and they speak directly to our bones/DNA etc), and they can help reboot our system, clearing out dissonant energies like wifi.  To get your copy of The Unity Codes, see below or for the full range of different lengths/versions (including MP3’s (altho’ not recommended but smaller file size) see below or for more options click here and here.