This is for those of you who wonder about whether cancer is a dis-ease or whether it’s actually something we create ourselves, whether knowingly or not!!!

And one moment before you get upset with me because you’ve got a family member or friend ill with cancer (I’ve lost 4 family members to cancer) and you think that cancer just happened to them out of nowhere (which is understandable considering none of this is really talked about in the media (if you choose to believe everything you see on the TV or read in the paper!) , there is a gift in all this.  If we create our dis-ease, then we can un-create it.  That’s definitely worth knowing about isn’t it?

And what about our food, even if you’re eating organic there’s only Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium in the fertiliser that’s put on the vegetables to “help” them grow and yet the body needs far more minerals than just 3!  If the soil’s deficient, so are we!

Getting back to a natural You!

Getting back to a natural You!

Did you know that Vitamin C has been known as a cure for over 30 dis-eases for 50 years +?  So how come doctors aren’t prescribing it?  News story here.  And that doesn’t even include the fact that since the 1930’s there has been safe and completely effective treatment for cancer and it’s called Rife Therapy pioneered by Royal Raymond Rife.  More recently there has been the Vibe Machine, now called Quantum Pulse which is also treating cancer patients very effectively.  We all deserve a healthy life and we also deserve the TRUTH!  and we’ve probably known it all along and yes you’ve definitely heard it before, “We are what we EAT!” (and what I say to clients who come to see me for a Health Coaching session is “We are what we put in our bodies, on our bodies and have around our bodies – these all have an effect on our wellbeing).

and to view the latest most cutting-edge and truth-full documentary on what we put in our body check out “Food Matters”.  It’s well worth the $5 to view online and it could make a huge difference in your daily life.  Let’s face it, If we want the best from our bodies it makes sense that we have to do the best for our bodies and yet with a deluxe sports car you don’t go shoving pizza in the fuel cap and yet that’s what we do to our bodies & expect peak performance!!! This awesome documentary is probably one of the most important videos you’ll see in a long time especially if you know people with cancer!

Check out the following trailer on the documentary and if you want to watch the full version online, go here

and if you want to learn from the experts who will give you the REAL truth about cancer and how to heal it the natural way, then check out here